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The BMW G87 M2 is all grown up

I went to The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience (wow have they cut back on the event), and took a peak at the new G87 M2. They were nice enough to open the door for me. Use the search bar on top of this website and type in “M2“. Wow, right? BMW’s smallest M car seems…


I went to The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience (wow have they cut back on the event), and took a peak at the new G87 M2. They were nice enough to open the door for me.

Use the search bar on top of this website and type in “M2“. Wow, right? BMW’s smallest M car seems to be its most popular, and when something is popular and they make changes, it can become polarizing. G8X owners know a thing or two about this.

I couldn’t drive it, but let’s go on a little tour of the G87 M2 they had at the event. I’ll answer some questions that you might have.

Is this a mini M3/M4?

930M wheels
930M wheels are very similar to the 826M style from the M3 and M4.

Oh boy is it ever. If the original M2 had the wrong seats and engine (N55 vs S55), and felt somewhat cheap inside, this car solves all those problems.

To start, I’m going to tell you I really like this car in person. It’s extremely squared off from almost any angle. The side rockers are thicc and have an odd cut line across the side profile, and the black intake on the front bumper gives the M2 a buck-toothed look, but they did an overall excellent job to make the G87 look different from its bigger siblings.

G87 M2
I’d paint that bottom lip body color right away.

The M2 and M3 share brakes, mirrors, tires, and almost wheels. I say almost because while they look like 826M wheels, the M2 has style 930M. The difference? Part of the thin connecting spoke is Jet Black as opposed to polished on the M3.

Both are hell to clean.

Is everything the same under the hood?

G87 M2
The S58 fits very nicely in here. No more “N” motor hand-me-downs.

The G87 M2 gets the same wonderful S58. Show me a picture of the engine without any context, and I couldn’t tell the bay apart from a G8X.

For now, there is no M2 Competition, so whether you get a stick of the ZF eight-speed, you have 453 horsepower. That’s 50 less than the M4 Competition, but I’m sure BMW will up the juice to the base M4’s 474 when the Comp arrives.

G87 M2
Have your M2 with stick or auto. I’d probably pick the automa…NAAAH I can’t even type that sentence.

Any fun details outside the G87 M2?

Both stick and auto get chrome badging, but the Shadowline package gives you black exhaust tips and darkened headlights only, no mirror caps.

G87 M2
I’m sure carbon will be available, but for now the mirrors are body-color only.
G87 M2
Shadowline trim gets you black exhaust tips and darkened headlights.
G87 M2
Chrome badges no matter what.

All the grills are the same, and that’s nice because the surround is body color. 50th Anniversary badges remain, but I don’t see them listed as an option any longer.

Is the M2 still reasonably priced?

Yes, but don’t you dare touch that option sheet. The car starts at $62,200, and that’s very nice. It includes everything you need to have fun and be a part of the “M bros” club.

G87 M2
Go light on the options, like sticking with Vernasca leather inside, and you’ll keep the price down.
G87 M2
You can still get things like a carbon fiber roof and interior trim, the ZF auto, larger wheels – the car is very well equipped.

Go nuts at the dealership like they are your fam, and you can bring the car close to $80,000. At that price the M2 makes less sense, but do you really want to skip the Carbon Package? Or at the least, the carbon fiber roof (just $2,600 since I’m spending your money)? Come on, make those F87 CS guys sad.

Probably need to save as much weight as possible because…

The G87 M2 weighs as much as the M3

G87 M2
This is a big boy.

3,814 pounds. You read that right.

An M3 with a stick weights in at just 30 more. With the car down a bit on power, no doubt this will blunt the overall performance. I see this car as a huge improvement over its predecessor, but if you want to autocross your M2, maybe stick with an F87. That car rang in at 3,600.

Why is the new M2 so heavy?

G87 M2
You get all the tech, and all the weight that comes with it.
G87 M2
The interior is no “base” M car – there’s lots of nice touches throughout.

Because we like nice things! No matter the BMW, inside, the G generation is a huge improvement over anything with an F.

And take a look in here. You’re not missing anything. M3 seats (albeit covered in Vernasca leather, but you can opt for Merino in M colors.) Even the beautiful but painful carbon buckets are an option.

The M2 gets a curved display, the same carbon fiber trim – really it looks just like my car inside, and you don’t need to check all the boxes either. Just comes like this. Even has that cool M flag display on the doors like in the M240i.

G87 M2
I won’t lament about lack of buttons here, it’s not the M2’s fault.
G87 M2
Carbon fiber trim is carried through on the wheel, something not even the F90 M5 has.

About the only issue would be the M2’s limited color palette. Five colors for the outside (Brooklyn Grey looks best, but what a played-out color), the others are simply meh.

G87 M2
The color palette is still limited. Brooklyn grey looks great.

How I’d build my M2

How I’d have mine.

Candidate for perfect daily, especially if you live in warmer climates? Oh yes.

I actually like the spec here, so let’s start outside

  • Brooklyn Grey ($650)
  • 19″/20″ M Light Alloy Bi-color Double-spoke Wheels, Style 930M ($0)

Inside, let’s be funky – I love tan but I don’t think Cognac Vernasca looks very nice. Black should hide it better.

For lack of a better option, let’s do these cool-lookin’ M seats.
  • Black Vernasca Leather with M Color Highlight ($0)
  • Carbon Fiber trim ($800)

For options, Shadowline and Brooklyn go so well together:

  • Lighting Package ($650)
  • Shadowline Package ($300)
  • M Compound Brakes with Red Caliper ($0)
  • Manual transmission ($0). The Automatic is free as well.
  • M Carbon Roof ($2,600)
  • Parking Assistant($200) – I miss this on my G80

All in, we’re at $67,400, keeping it well under the base price of an M3, which would have a lot less in it anyway.

Feels like a ‘Talk Me Out Of It” segment, but hey, I really like this car.

If you’re on the fence about the M3’s nose, this is an excellent substitute that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out when you pull up to Cars & Coffee.

We all know how the community can be…


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