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Talk Me Out Of It: F You Edition

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I get it – 77% of you want the Aston. Can’t beat that badge. Let’s stick with the V-8 theme this week because we’ve got a special IS-F review coming up. May I present a Lexus GS-F and an RC-F. They are weird. Good thing we like weird cars.

The 2016 Lexus GS-F vs the 2016 Lexus RC-F

See the GS-F listing here

See the RC-F listing here

F. I guess they throw darts at a board and see what letter they land on? M, V, AMG…whatever. But here are no poseurs. Lexus F cars have serious credentials, glorious V-8s, and that cool sheen that Lexus seems to put on everything.

We have a sort of M3/M4 situation here, but these cars are tweeners – bigger than a 3 Series, smaller than a 5 Series. They share V-8s, both with 467 horsepower and 389 lb-ft of torque. In an era where everything else had moved on to turbocharging, Lexus stayed the course with these naturally aspirated behemoths. And you didn’t buy them anyway.

As we’ll see with the IS-F, it’s partly due to the half-way approach Lexus took with performance. Not as hard core as M, nor as fast, they float in a sort of no-man’s-land of speed.

Can I entice you with one?

The 2016 Lexus GS-F

The looks have held up well. Photo: Cars & Bids

First up, the G:

  • 51,400 miles
  • Bid to $40,000 so far. Would you believe some of these go for $70,000?
  • Florida-owned, so no salt.
  • No mods, just tinted windows.
  • Beautiful Liquid Platinum over Circuit Red leather. I prefer Ultra Blue Mica, but no one asked me.
  • Clean records
  • Some curb rash on the wheels, we’d need to fix that right away or OCD will kick in.
  • The usual rock chips
  • No stick was available on these cars, so we get an eight-speed automatic.

I have no tricks up my sleeve here. This seems like an extremely clean GS-F with a great color combo. But unless you’ve driven one before and loved it, I hesitate to purchase sight unseen. It’s likely this car won’t be the thrill ride you might be expecting, but a perfect daily it may just make.

How ’bout the coupe?

The 2016 Lexus RC-F

Here we have a bad nose job. Photo: Cars & Bids

I don’t care what Doug says, this thing is ugly in the front (and I usually like Lexus looks). But ugly could also mean weird/interesting, so at least you won’t be bored walking up to it.

  • 37,800 miles
  • Bid to $24,000 miles (I see prices anywhere from $40-60k)
  • Tinted windows and exhaust – nice!
  • Audio mods – I’d make sure it doesn’t rattle when you pump out those beats.
  • Same V-8 and eight-speed auto as the GS-F

Lexus would have you believe that this is a baby LFA, but the only thing they share is a badge. Would it have killed them to bring over the automated manual from said supercar? “Wouldn’t fit” is the response I’m sure. Still, what’s the point of a halo car if it doesn’t share the halo?

Look, both of these cars are essentially special engines stuffed into a luxury sedan/coupe with mixed results. But I’m fond of mixed results, and I think they’d make a great alternative to an M3/M4 as a daily. Judging by some of these prices, it seems that some are starting to appreciate the charm.

So, what will it be? The GS-F, or the RC-F?

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