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BMW is coming for my G80 M3

The 2025 BMW M3 is coming out, and they are eager to take my current one back. Is now the time to swap for a Competition model?


Seems fitting that the results are split 50/50 for the Z3 and M2. Both have their merits. This week, I’m coming to you with a genuine car question. My lease is coming up, and BMW is eager to take it back. I wonder if it’s time for a new 2025 BMW M3?

The 2022 BMW M3 vs the 2025 BMW M3

Have you heard? Good deals, or at least reasonable ones, are back, and if you look hard enough you can find one on an M3. In fact I have – BMW is ready to take my car back tomorrow, and both leasing and finance rates are way down.

Before I simply hand them the keys, research is in order. Here’s one that recently sold at auction with a very similar spec to my car. It’s mostly stock (not that mods add much value), and I can assume my reputation might pull the car’s value up a bit but, what we see is what I assume would hold true.

It’s been good to me. I love it. But do I want to keep it?

The 2022 BMW M3

G80 M3
Time to say good-bye?

The way I see it, there are two problems with my current car; It’s a color I wanted, but not the color I wanted, and I think it works better as an automatic. Let’s see what else:

  • 19,300 miles
  • Clean CarFax
  • Portimao Blue Metallic over Kyalami Orange. It’s not extended, because I don’t like the lower dash orange.
  • Safe to say, aside from the M Performance suspension, CSL DRLs and tint, the mods would be removed.
  • Never tuned
  • Some rock chips on the front. No wear on the seats.
  • No ceramic brakes
  • New set of PS4s in the rear

There are a few points in favor of keeping it. I don’t need to spend a day at TySpeed to swap all the parts, and that single screen dash is, as the kids say “not it”. As for stick, hey, I can always get an older M3 with a personality that better matches the manual ethos.

Merits of rowing your own aside, I wonder if it’s time to go for a Competition with M xDrive?

The 2025 BMW M3

This 2024 model has yes to receive LCI updates.

Technically, this car isn’t out yet. I’m not quite sure why, but the M3 has yet to receive the LCI update the M4 just got. I’m sure it’ll be out soon, probably starting production by June.

The new car is much different inside.

Getting a new one would also afford me the opportunity to paint it an Individual color, get all-silver 825M wheels, get a bump in power to 523 (tunable) horsies, a nice new steering wheel (though I love mine now), and perhaps new taillights if BMW does indeed update them. How would I spec mine? I’ll show you, but use the M4 as a basis:

  • The new all-silver 825M wheels are a must
  • Tartufo…extended this time because BMW took away the door cards
  • Carbon Fiber interior trim
  • Executive Package because I miss my trunk closing on its own.
  • Parking Assistance Package (mine is missing it, but I think it’s helpful on the X3).
  • M Shadowline deletion
  • Front ventilated seats, though they don’t work that well.
  • Galvanic controls. They aren’t anything special but let’s keep the polished look
  • The Drive Recorder feels like a must in today’s world
  • M Alcantara steering wheel
  • Carbon Ceramic Brakes– I’m done with constantly cleaning these wheels. They’ve gone down a bit in price now, $8,500
  • Actually, it seems BMW won’t you order CCBs unless you spec wheels 826M. I’ll keep the wheels.
A similarly-spec’d BMW M4 showing the wheels and headlights.

Notice I left out the color. What’s going to be unique, blue and different from Portimao? Difficult decision here. Could be Violet Blue Metallic, maybe Hera Mica.

Screw it – Rosso Corsa! I know, not blue. Sadly, it’s a color I see everywhere, from Laguna Seca to Santorini. Red, however, seems to be less popular, and I’ve always wanted a Rosso Corsa BMW.

Only if they ask nicely

Now there are some negatives, namely waving bye-bye to laser lights, the need to mod immediately, the weirder interior. Whatever – it’s a new M3. Hard not to be excited. I wouldn’t consider a swap under normal circumstances, but it seems they want to build up that used inventory.

Plus I’d finally get to have a real cupholder.

No doubt, I love my current car. Do you think I should give it back?

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