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The Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG is the king of depreciation

The Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG was a $130,000 car in 2008, with a 519-horsepower hand-built V-8. But now they sell for a fraction of the cost. Is it worth it?


It’s a big win for the Cadillac – 63% of you say the Blackwing is worth the peace of mind over the Alfa Romeo. Did the Alfa’s reliability scare you? Well, I’m about to terrify you with a car you almost certainty haven’t thought of in a while: the Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG.

Bring out the wenches! I mean wrenches!

The 2008 Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG vs the 2009 BMW M6 Convertible

See the CL63 listing here

See the M6 listing here

Cars from the 2000s era – weird, right? It’s the screens. Original Nintendo is what…fun? Laughably nostalgic? Actually, it’s coming up on 40 years, and if I’m not laughably nostalgic yet, neither is Super Mario Bros.

This Merc though – not old enough yet to be nostalgic. It’s just dated. The fun starts when you look at the original MSRP: $137,000 in 2008. That’s $202,000 today!

So why is this car on Talk Me Out of It? Because it still has a 518-horsepower V-8, a bunch of cool AMG stuff, and an average price of…$15k? I’ve never seen a car take such a hit, and if that Maybach S680 isn’t careful, this is where it will be one day.

Have other cars suffered like this CL63? No. But a few come close, like the wrong kind of BMW M6.

The 2008 Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG

Looks pretty good – you won;t see yourself coming down the road. Photo: Cars & Bids

You should know some things about this car. First, there is also a CL65 AMG with with a 600 horsepower V-12. They can go for a bit more because they are rare, but we’re still talking mid-$20s for some examples.

Don’t feel bad for this CL63 though – it still has some goodies:

  • 104,000 miles
  • Bid to $6,050
  • Iridium Silver Metallic over black leather. Did they even come any other way?
  • Good stuff – the AMG Performance Package, Premium 2 Package, AMG-calibrated Active Body Control (ABC) suspension, an AMG sport exhaust, and a Harman Kardon surround sound system.
  • That AMG V-8 is hand-built, and attached to a seven-speed automatic.
  • Minor mods, nothing of consequence.
  • Hit by a shopping cart (?) last year, I’d say the body has the typical blemishes you’d expect of a car this age.

So what’s the problem? Things break. I cannot overstate this. You need to carry around the Russian astronaut from Armageddon in the trunk.

“Dis is how we fix problem on Russian Space Station!”

*Uses wrench as hammer*

A modern SL is perhaps the best comparison to a modern day ride.

Owners on reddit forums speak of being able to fix it yourself or don’t bother. Failing electronic suspensions and coil packs – it’s a laundry list. Remember, many of these systems were still new back then.

It might cost you $15k to acquire, but no one told the CL63 AMG that. It still thinks it’s a $130,000 car, and it will act like it.

Can the M6 fair better?

The 2009 BMW M6 Convertible

The convertible still has a V-10. Photo: Bring a Trailer

BMW doesn’t really have a contemporary for the CL from that era – this M6 is a much more raw thing, plus it’s topless. But it’s German, it’s cheap (ish), and it also loves to bring drama into your life.

  • 43,000 miles
  • SMG because I don’t like you
  • Some Dinan goodies, including a limited slip diff with shorter gearing
  • Black Sapphire Metallic over Black Merino leather
  • It’s just as dated inside, though the cabin looks a bit nicer than in the Merc.
  • A glorious V-10 with 500 horsepower
  • Bid to $17,000 so far

That price is about right – these go as low at $13k. Remember that new the MSRP was $110,000, so we’re talking about another good deal.

Meanwhile, the M6 has morphed into the M8.

Now you know these break too – V-10 and rod bearings are best friends, after all. But it won’t be as bad as the Merc is, and if you budget in $3,000 for new bearings you’ll be fine.

I wouldn’t call this the best-looking BMW, or a “classic” – the CL is a prettier car. No one is going to run up to you on a Sunday morning with either example here, but the Merc is a terrific daily, and the M6 is a fun little side piece.

So, would you take the leap for either 2000s machine?

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