Welcome to the world of automotive photography

Welcome to the world of automotive photography

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BMW X3 and X4

Dad life: The BMW X3 xDrive30i vs the X4 M40i

Like many things in life, being a dad comes with stereotypes. How we dress, what we say, and yup, what we drive. But when it comes to driving, BMW has an answer in the form of the X3 and X4. With the option of that “M lite” power train, I decided to gather my own… Read More »

BMW G80 M3

Behind the scenes on the G80 M3 shoot

As you can imagine, sourcing cars for content isn’t always easy. It’s sort of “right place, right time”, along with as much planning as you can do beforehand. To give you an idea of what’s involved, this week we’ll go behind the scenes on the recent G80 M3 shoot with AMMO and BMW NYC. Doing… Read More »

BMW 335i

The Ultimate BMW F30 3 Series Review

Ah, the BMW 3 Series. The benchmark of sports sedans. Every generation is the pinnacle of German engineering. And then there is the F30. “Wait, what”, you say? Didn’t you get rid of a Kia Stinger for this thing? Yes, and maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning, with a review… Read More »

BMW 335i

A review of Cars & Bids

With the impending arrival of my G80 M3, it’s time for the 335i to find a new home. With its M Power Kit and various M add-ons, the car is special enough to place on Cars & Bids. I’m used to this stuff, so it’s easy when I’m my own client, but if you’re thinking… Read More »