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AMMO NYC Details: AMG GT Black Series Coupe

While I’ve shot many makes and models, one thing that had yet to land in from of my lens was a Mercedes. This week, AMMO NYC fixes that with a Mercedes AMG GT Black Series Coupe. It’s $325,000, very rare and very beautiful. Does it turn my camera to stone? What are AMMO NYC Details?… Read More »

2022 X3 M40i

Winter Wonderland: The 2022 X3 M40i update

I’ve had my 2022 X3 M40i for three months now, with about 3,500 miles. I love it. Let me explain the ways… Winter mode activated The cold season has so far been warmer than usual here in New Jersey, but snow was bound to come (it did), and I prepared by putting a set of… Read More »


More Four: A tour of the BMW M4 GT4

They say that no self-respecting M driver orders their car with a sunroof (I don’t agree). But, if that statement is true, then this one must be as well; why do you have a back seat? The BMW M4 GT4 doesn’t, and it’s the fastest F8X I’ve ever been around. Let’s take a tour of… Read More »

The 2021 Machines With Souls recap

It’s the 2021 recap! If you’ve been following along in 2021, you know it’s been a busy year for me. From multiple BMW Performance Center shoots, working with AMMO NYC, comparison tests and more, I’ve been all over. I hope each story comes alive through my images, and that you’ve enjoyed reading. Below is a… Read More »


The Porsche Experience Center Review

If cars have a soul, then taking delivery of one is a milestone event. While getting one at the dealership is nice, making an actual event of it, like I did with my G80 M3, provides memories that will last a lifetime. So when Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC ordered a new 2022 Porsche Taycan… Read More »

BMW M3 vs Alfa Romeo

European theater: BMW G80 M3 vs Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

We’ve established that the G80 M3 is not quite as fun to drive as an E90, or as special as a BMW M5 CS. But what happens when I take it outside the family and look to competitors? Perhaps no other sports sedan has kicked sand in the M3’s face like the Alfa Romeo Giulia… Read More »


AMMO NYC Details: The 2022 Porsche 911 GT3

As you well know by now, the blog holds BMWs in high regard. A combination of technology, design, engine, and overall driving engagement means they continue to hold a soft spot in my heart. But there is another German brand that might be living in my garage if they made a small four-door sedan: Porsche.… Read More »


Top Gun: M2 CS vs G80 M3 vs M5 CS

CS. The name means something to the BMW faithful, and BMW recently revived the badge to place on the top trim of its modern M fleet. It stands for the best. The fastest. The most racy. But does the extra money and speed get you actual prestige? I take the latest pair of an M2… Read More »