Cars have a soul

Every car has a distinct personality, with its own unique story to tell. A soul. It's something I always keep in mind when I'm shooting. If your car could speak, what would it say to you?
October 23, 2020

Hosting the 2020 BMW M3 Fall Meet and Cruise

For the past five years, I’ve hosted a special meet for BMW M3 owners, known as the Fall Meet and Cruise. Last year’s event was a great success. What started out as a simple meet with 15 cars has turned into a huge event with over 130 BMW M cars. I didn’t anticipate that turnout […]

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October 13, 2020

How to shoot a car in the afternoon

You always want to shoot a car at dawn or dusk. But sometimes schedules work out for an afternoon shoot, and that means high contrast lighting. When Phil of the famous Detailer’s Domain wanted a shoot with his M2, the only timing that worked was mid-day. Here are five tips for dealing with high contrast […]

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