Cars have a soul

Every car has a distinct personality, with its own unique story to tell. A soul. It's something I always keep in mind when I'm shooting. If your car could speak, what would it say to you?
February 19, 2020

Top 5 reasons for using an ND filter

You’ll often hear me say that, aside from a polarizer, I never use special filters on my lens. The reason is simply because a lens makes an effect permanent, and I can often add that same effect in post production with the option to remove it. But, there are times when they are useful, and […]

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February 9, 2020

Automotive Retouching School, Part 2

To view part 1, click here. This week, I’ll show you how I’ve finished a banner image that’s currently running on featuring an M850i. Step 4: Adding shadow The original background image on this M850i shot comes from BMW, so keep in mind that this isn’t entirely real like some other compositions I’ve done. […]

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