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Can I sneak a BMW M5 into the garage?

Car shopping for Mrs. Machines continues when I find a used Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S. It's her dream car, but I must walk by an M5 for less money to get it.


The Z8 debate concludes in a tie. I suppose that car will always be polarizing. This week, I continue shopping for my wife by posing a question: what if I made her dream of owning a Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S come true by finding a used one?

Problem is, I’d need to walk by a favorite of mine: the BMW M5.

The 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S vs the 2021 BMW M5

See the Mercedes listing here

See the BMW M5 listing here

I’m fairly certain Mrs. Machines has her sights set on an SUV, with one exception: the Mercedes-AMG GT. She loved the press car I had two years ago, and though I enjoyed it very much as well, it was the 53 variant. No V-8. That means no mas for Mike, especially with its $124k as-tested price. That’s M5 money for 540i performance.

She even prefers blue!

After a bit of a hiatus, Mercedes has brought back that V-8 and the GT 63 trim. The problem is now the price of $153,350 to start. If only there was a way to make us both happy…

Alas, there is! A used 2020 GT 63 S has just popped up on Cars & Bids, and it should offer a significant discount compared to a new one. Let’s face it, cars like this always take a nose dive after the initial owner sells.


The 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S

The Mercedes GT. Photo: Cars & Bids

The fact of the matter is no…not really for this car. It’s a bit too rare and special, and it isn’t helped by the fact that the V-8 wasn’t available for a bit. Let’s take a look:

  • 31,600 miles
  • Brilliant Blue Metallic over Tartufo Brown/Black leather, making this the ideal combination. Black wheels also help the cause.
  • Clean title, warm-weather owned
  • Unmodified aside from some tint
  • Fully-loaded. Think the Mrs. is interested in the Carbon Pack?
  • Currently at $60k, and there is no reserve
  • 4.0L Turbocharged V-8 with 630 horsepower
  • But these have all been going for $90k and up – it’s rare to find one in this color combo as well.
  • A cracked front bumper, oil cap (?), and worn front seat. J&B can fix that.
  • 21 MPG. That’s as good as her current X3 M40i.

She’ll look like a superstar in this, but she doesn’t need all that power. The V-6 would be fine, and likely at a significant discount. Problem is, she married uh, me.

The 2021 BMW M5

The 2021 base model M5. Photo: Bring a Trailer

What I’m proposing is technically not possible, since this one sold, but I’m sure I can find another.

  • 27,000 miles
  • Sold for $67,500
  • Not a Comp because Mrs. Machines would appreciate the base model’s softer ride. I’m very thoughtful.
  • Good color – Tanzanite over Black.
  • Sold in Palm Springs, but don’t worry, this wasn’t a BMW PDC car. They only used Competition models.
  • Clean title
  • Stock
  • Looks a bit worn inside.
  • Twin-Turbocharged 4.4-Liter V-8 with 600 horsepower. Think she’ll miss the extra 17?

Would make a fine daily, just add snow tires. She’s had a 5 Series before and loved it very much. I’d want an LCI like this one, but you can buy them all day for less than $70k. That’s a steal for a car if this caliber. And yes, I am aware my wife would drive a faster car than I do. But this is 2024, and I’m secure in my masculinity.

Alpina B8
I wish…

Before I leave you with that choice, I must add a note on the Alpina B8. It might just be my favorite of the three, but they are not depreciating either (still in the six figures). Even if they were, my wife was not a fan of the ride from the passenger seat compared to the Mercedes, and on the weekends, she is indeed Passenger Princess.

So it looks like I can find a way to make her dreams come true. Only problem is, I have to look at this Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S every time I walk by the garage and say “Should coulda M5…”

What would you have?

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