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The Toyota GR Supra is dying – how about a used one?

The Toyota GR Supra is being discontinued soon, but used examples are flooding the market. Would you have it over a BMW Z4 costing less?


The Red Viper is the winner, with 67% of the vote. Honestly can’t imagine having any other color. Now: sad news. The Toyota Supra GR is dying, and there probably won’t be a new one. GASP! I am shocked, I tell you.

But…you can grab a used one for a pretty decent price.

The 2023 Toyota GR Supra A91-MT Edition vs the 2020 BMW Z4 M40i

Toyota GR Supra manual
You want the stick, right? Right?!

See the Supra listing here

See the Z4 listing here

I have yet to drive a Supra, something I hope Toyota rectifies soon. However, on the surface I think it’s silly to continue to worship the Mark IV the way we do.

The latest Supra might be a BMW, but why is that a bad thing? The A91 gets the industry’s best turbocharged inline-six engine, something integral to the Supra experience. I highly doubt Toyota could have done better themselves. In fact, the Supra’s sell rate proves that they would never have even tried.

Speaking of sell rate, the fact that the Supra’s based on the Z4 has always meant the end of the road would spell doom. The Z has never been a big seller, and without an M version to prop up BMW’s only truly sports car, there’s just not much excitement around it. Hasn’t been since what..the Z3?

You can still order a Supra for another year or two, but what about the used market? Turns out this car has two weird things happening. First, it depreciates like any other, but not as much as the BMW Z4 on which it is based. Remember that the BMW is quite a bit more.

Second, there are a ton of GR Supras available on auction sites, but they all have low mileage and are barely a year old. What’s up? Bad credit? Do people buy the car and then decide to have a baby? These cream puffs aren’t really discounted, but if you’re willing to shop just a bit older, you can find them for around $40,000.

Let’s ignore my advice though – we want a manual.

The 2023 Toyota GR Supra

The GR Supra. Photo: Cars & Bids

While there are a ton of examples, there’s just one manual available. The take rate for the stick is low, once again proving we ask for thing we never intend to buy. This one is from Canada:

  • 16,100 miles.
  • Bid to $40,250 so far.
  • Finished in Cu Later Grey. Yes, that’s really the name. One can only assume that Cee U Next Tuesday Red was already taken.
  • Hazelnut inside – think Cognac from BMW.
  • From Canada, so the instrument cluster is in the metric system. WTF is a kilometer bro.
  • Clean CarFax and title.
  • Stock – though they disconnected the active sound from the engine.
  • You know what? The body is in terrible shape for such a young car. Door dings, scratches, etc.
  • The B58 has 382 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque, just slightly less torque than the automatic. Power was updated in 2022.

This specific spec isn’t available in the US new, so if you want that grey, Canada is the way. The Supra only offers a Driver’s Assistance Package as an option, which you can easily skip for an MSRP of $60,000 brand new. $15,000 is a lot to lose on a car in one year, but it’s the going rate.

The BMW fares even worse.

The 2020 BMW Z4 M40i

The BMW Z4 M40i. Photo: Car & Bids

Though this isn’t an apples to bratwurst comparison, I can explain:

  • 48,400 miles
  • Sold for $35,500
  • Frozen Grey Metallic over Magma Red leather
  • Stock
  • Sort of beat – was hit in an accident (since fixed), and there are scratches and dings in the body
  • The same B58 as the Supra, with 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque.

The big pause here is the accident – frozen paint is not a job for your local Macco. Equipped as it is, you’re looking at over $74,000 brand new. That means that, in four years, the Z4 lost over half its value.

Of course, this is topless car, with a slightly nicer interior. The manual transmission just came out, so you won’t find a used one yet. And though the mileage is higher and the car older, it’s not difficult to image the Supra headed in the same direction for deprecation. Especially automatic examples.

So, Cu Later Grey, or Frozen?

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