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The man behind the machines

Michael D'Ambrosio

Machines With Souls is the brainchild of Mike D’Ambrosio. He has a thing for cars. From the first time he saw a bright red, chrome-rimmed Mitsubishi 3000GT drive down the street at the age of 13, he’s had a love for these machines that transport our body and soul.

Mike has worked with multiple high-end clients, including AMMO NYC, BMW of North America, The BMW Performance Center, and MINI. He’s also been featured on BMW Blog, SPEEDHUNTERS, Jalopnik, and Roundel. Mike is also an official photographer for the MPACT Motorsports Festival. Available for photo shoots in the tri-state area and beyond, you’ll find him at the local Cars and Coffee, track side, or in the garage wrenching.

Mike holds a degree in design from The School of Visual Arts, where he learned nothing about photography.

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