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About Machines with Souls

Machines With Souls

0-60 times. Lateral G limit. Miles per gallon.

All of them matter. All are crucial when telling the story of a car. But no one ever falls in love with a spec sheet. You’re never going to pick a car because it gets to 60 a tenth faster. They have always been reviewed as if you were.

But there’s another story; the one that really matters. Does this car have a soul? With each review, Machines With Souls attempts to find the answer.

MWS is a weekly automotive publication that reviews vehicles (old and new), and tells unique automotive stories, all with beautiful original imagery from automotive photographer Mike D’Ambrosio.

Mike has a thing for cars. From the first time he saw a bright red, chrome-rimmed Mitsubishi 3000GT drive down the street at the age of 13, he’s had a love for these machines that transport our body and soul. He has collected stacks of Car & Driver from the age he could read. Now, his goal is to make his own mark on the automotive industry.

If you’d like to work with Mike on a story about your own vehicle, or inquire about a shoot for marketing purposes, please reach out directly.

Praise for Machines With Souls

“Whether shooting a one-off Ferrari or 30-year old classic Porsche, Mike’s photos accentuates the level of depth and shine in the paint after a full restoration that really capture the beauty of the vehicle like no one I’ve seen before.”

“Best in the business at making lemonade out of lemons! No one makes us look better!”

“Now this is a beautiful car – just look at those photos!”