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Automotive Photography Tutorials

Here you'll find tips, tricks and step-by-step directions for things like location scouting, art direction, camera settings, lighting, retouching and color correction, all within the context of the automotive space.

Tutorial: How the epic Mitsubishi 3000GT composite was made

BMWs will always be a passion of mine, but my first love was a Mitsubishi 3000GT. Laugh all you want, but to me, there is no car more beautiful on this Earth. Finding one to shoot…not so easy. Made from 1991 through 1999, the car was never produced in large numbers, and the VR-4 is […]

Top 5 tips for shooting wheels

Many posts on here are about shooting the entire car, but what about the details? As far as important parts of a car to showcase go, wheels are number one on the list (checking the price on a set of mounted HREs will confirm that). But how do you light and shoot them? What’s the […]

Hosting the BMW M3 Fall Meet and Cruise

I am, as you may be aware, a bit of a BMW guy. Though I’ve sold my E92 M3, I am still very active in the M3 community, and since 2015, have hosted a fall cruise from Edgewater, NJ to Bear Mountain in New York. This 30 mile drive starts with a view of sunrise […]

Tutorial: How to fake a car scene

I’m a big advocate for planning your shoots ahead – location, time of day, and lighting. But when a local Lamborghini dealer near me decided to run a social media contest based on a photoshoot of one of their cars, I found myself in a bit of a tough spot – you had to shoot […]

Tutorial: The definitive guide on how to light paint, part 3. How to edit.

For parts 1 and 2, click the links. Now that we’ve gone over how to shoot the car with proper lighting, and shoot with special effects, this week will cover how to edit those images together into one seamless look. We’ll be using a series of shots from a recent shoot with GlassParency, including the […]

Tutorial: The definitive guide on how to light paint, part 2. Special effects.

Last week, I covered the basics of how to light paint. But, before we head over to the computer to edit, I wanted to show a few special effects that are more practical to do in person, as oppose to editing in later on. I’ll use another shot of the 911, and a 4 Series […]

Tutorial: The definitive guide on how to light paint, Part 1

Without a doubt, the biggest WOW factor you can produce with a car and a camera is to light paint it. It’s a simple concept – turn the lights off, light the car, combine the exposures, and you’ve got a car that has a unique-looking sheen to it. This is the question I often get […]

Nikon Z7: The 6-month review

As many of you know, I traded in my trusty Nikon D5200 for a Nikon Z7 mirrorless camera in March of 2019. That makes September the 6 months mark of ownership. Let’s review the good and the bad (yes, there are both). The Good Sharpness With a resolution of more than 2,000 pixels over what […]

Shooting MPACT 2019

A magical shoot happened the day before the event, but MPACT 2019 held plenty of magic itself. Take a walk with me through the pits, down the track, and in the garages for a tour of some truly unique rides. How I shot it – the BMW M3. A question I often get asked is […]

Tutorial: 4 Rules for Adding Lens Flair – Gulf Porsche 911 GT3

Knowing when and where to add some lens flair to your images can make the difference between having them look dramatic or fake. This post will go into retouching  in a realistic lens flair, even though this image was shot during mid-morning, with the sun already high. What you’ll need: Lens flair kit, available here: […]