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Automotive Photography Tutorials

Here you'll find tips, tricks and step-by-step directions for things like location scouting, art direction, camera settings, lighting, retouching and color correction, all within the context of the automotive space.

Tutorial: How the Epic Porsche Turbo Composite image was made

Welcome to the step by step process for recreating this Porsche 911 Turbo composite. The longest part of this is usually finding a stock image that works with your image, as in the correct perspective and, in some cases, lighting. Let’s get to it! Step 1: Find a shot of a car you like, but […]

Getting low for the right angle

If you’ve ever been on a shoot with me, you’ll notice my lack of hesitation for lying on the floor to take a shot. The reason is simple: cars look best when shot low. This post will go into why that is, and illustrate the difference between standing and lying down. Before we head out […]

How to make a composite image in Photoshop

You’ve seen them before and may not have even noticed: composite images. That’s where two or more images are combined into one for a seamless look, and it’s used mostly for changing the environment the car is in. This post is all about how to make a convincing composite image that does not look fake. […]

How to get started making automotive art (and getting paid for it)

This is going to be a bit different from a normal ‘how-to” blog post. The question I get asked most by far is simple “How did you get started?” Below I’ll list out some of the things I’ve done that have gotten me to where I am today. 1. Love your subject matter. I’m going […]

Tutorial: How to shoot with two cars-part 2

Last week, I went into detail on how to shoot two cars in one shoot, while making them feel separate. Now, I’ll go over the second part of this shoot – both cars in the frame. We’ll be using some light painting here as well, so make sure to bring your Ice Light. Location 30 […]

Tutorial: How to shoot with two cars-part 1

Today I’ll go in depth on a shoot with two M3s, showing some sunset, light painting, and framing techniques. We’ll cover a few specific shots step by step. Lets get to it! Two M3 owners, Chris (Silverstone F80), and Antione (Austin Yellow F80) wanted some poster shots of their rides with a city backdrop. Shooting […]

A tour of the biggest car show on the east coast

Northern New Jersey is home to some of the most exotic cars in the country, and once each year, they come out to play at a very special Cars and Café event held at the Garden State Plaza mall. Take a walk with me through well over 1,000 cars and 15,000 spectators to see some […]

Photography tips that I’ve learned…the hard way

Surprise! I’ve messed up on shoots. From shaky camera work to not thinking about environment, I’ve ruined plenty of shots. Below are some tips to avoid doing what I’ve done, so you don’t have to learn the hard way. 1. Temperature Have you ever shot on a hot, humid summer day? Then on the way […]

Getting automotive sunsets right

Sunset shots: Everyone loves ’em. But when is the best time to shoot them? Before the sun has gone down, or after? Do I need multiple exposures? I’ll show you everything you need, including how to edit them, for the most dramatic shots possible. Pick a good spot Yes, duh, as always, the first step […]

How to shoot interiors

Vehicle interiors will never get you a million likes on Instagram, but they are an important part of shooting a car, especially one going up for sale. Remember that you spend 95% of your time with any car on the inside, and there are usually a ton of little details to capture. I had a […]