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Automotive Photography Tutorials

Here you'll find tips, tricks and step-by-step directions for things like location scouting, art direction, camera settings, lighting, retouching and color correction, all within the context of the automotive space.

How to get the perfect panning shot

Unlike rolling shots, panning shots have you stationary on the side as the car drives by, panning the camera to follow the car. It creates a nice effect for speed. Here, I’ll show you how to do it while at BMW’s Ultimate Driving Experience event in New Jersey. I’ll start with the camera settings, because […]

What camera do I use?

Here it is. The answer to the one question I get asked repeatedly: What camera do I use to make these images? The answer? It doesn’t matter. Just about any one can do this. Not satisfied? Ok, keep reading. I bought a Nikon D5200 while on a Costco run back in 2012. It was a […]

How to shoot at a major auto show

Major auto shows are fun events that usually contain rare, never-before-seen cars. They also tend to attract a LOT of people, particularly the New York International Auto Show. This post will take you behind the scenes on press day from 2018, and give some tips on how to handle the harsh lighting of the show. […]

Top 5 tips for shooting a car up for sale

Doing a shoot for a client that is putting a car up for sale is a bit different from a normal shoot – less retouching and concepting, but still a fun experience. Here, I’ll use a recent shoot with a Mercedes C Class that went on Bring a Trailer, but you can use these techniques […]

How to create the perfect roller shot

Let’s face it – cars are meant to be driven. And there is no better way to show off a car than with a rolling shot, or “roller”. Here, I’ll go into detail about how to set up your camera and everything else needed to create the perfect roller using an image from a shoot […]

Top 5 best tips for shooting at a car show.

As I write this, warm North East weather is fast approaching, and that means…car shows! When it comes to shooting at a car show, the experience can be frustrating. Crowds are around all the good cars, everything is coming and going, lighting can be troublesome if it’s during the day, and of course, you’re usually […]

Tutorial: How to Make the Perfect Automotive Poster Image

When planning a shoot for a client that plans to sell their car, it’s key to think about that one big poster shot – the image that will grab a potential buyers attention when listed against all the other cars that are similar to it. Here, I’ll show you how I concepted, shot and edited […]

Welcome to the world of automotive photography

I love cars. I have ever since I saw a bright red, chrome-rimmed Mitsubishi 3000GT drive down the street. I’ve raced them. Wrenched on them. Detailed them. Now, I photograph them. The point of this blog will hopefully be for your benefit. If you’ve ever looked at an automotive brochure and seen those beautiful images, […]