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AMMO NYC details: Glickenhaus SCG 003S

I shoot the Glickenhaus SCG 003S with AMMO NYC and Larry Kosilla. It's an exotic car with a carbon fiber body and a bad attitude.

Glickenhaus SCG 003S
SCG 003S

Larry always has unique and interesting rides to clean, like the Ferrari P4/5, or Saleen S7. But when he called to invite me to shoot “the exotic BMW”, I had no idea what was in store. Meet the Glickenhaus SCG 003S.

What is it?

Made by Glickenhaus, the SCG 003S (say it three times fast) is produced by the same company that gave us the glorious Boot. If the Boot is the ultimate off-road vehicle, then the SCG is meant to dominate all on the track.

It’s powered by the S63 from a BMW M5, but here it’s equipped with a dry sump, and tuned to produce 700 horses. I’m told to expect sub 3-second times to sixty, but we couldn’t move it because…

Glickenhaus SCG 003S
Lambo doors give way to a tight, intense cockpit.
Glickenhaus SCG 003S
The entire body is made from carbon fiber.

It’s temperamental

As you’d expect from a special version of a special motor, the 4.4 liter engine in here was grouchy, sometimes not starting (or stopping). But once it started up, it produced a somewhat familiar loud roar.

The rest of the car is special too. A Pininfarina-designed body made of carbon fiber produces 1900 lbs of net downforce. There’s also the 230+ mph top speed. This car is not for the faint of heart.

One other incredible stat. This car can pull 2Gs on a skid pad. That’s unheard of for a street-legal car, regardless of design.

Inside the Glickenhaus SCG 003S

It’s as special as the outside, with an F1-inspired steering wheel, carbon fiber and Alcantara, and a digital dash. You could call it minimalist (there is a cell-phone holder), but this is a car meant for speed, not taking your date to the mall. Getting in and out requires an Olympic gymnasts flexibility, so plan accordingly if you’re taking it to the local Cars and Coffee event.

Glickenhaus SCG 003S
The controls are canted toward the driver.
Glickenhaus SCG 003S
It’s more akin to an F-16 than it is an M3 inside.

Who’s Glickenhaus?

Founded in 2004 in New York City by film producer and entrepreneur James Glickenhaus, the SCG resembles the Ferrari P4/5 in certain areas, and for good reason. It served as a reference point for the work on the first proprietary SCG design.

The Italian influence is in many spots. Scuderia means “stable” in Italian, and it’s also part of the Ferrari name. The badges are also somewhat similar in style.

It’s surprising to me that a BMW V-8 found its way into the engine bay of this car. I suspect its because of the S63 design. Its turbochargers are located within the “V” of the engine, making packaging easier and reducing turbo lag.

By now, I’ve seen enough kit cars to tell you that this is way beyond one of those. It  It has a real VIN, and is NHTSA Low Volume Compliant. The fit and finish is really nicely done, and the details are well thought out. If you want to show up with the assurance that no one else will be in your car, here’s your ride.

Glickenhaus SCG 003S
They are based out of Sleepy Hollow, New York.
Glickenhaus SCG 003S Glickenhaus SCG 003S Glickenhaus SCG 003S Glickenhaus SCG 003S
Always a privilege to watch Larry work.

Special thanks to AMMO NYC for making the car available.

Please contact HK Motorcars for more information on the Glickenhaus SCG 003S. This vehicle is a one-off test vehicle. 

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