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AMMO NYC Ferrari P4/5 Detail

See the detailing work from AMMO NYC on the incredible 1 of 1 Ferrari P 4/5. Learn how I uniquely shot one of the most photographed cars ever.

Ferrari P 4/5

I love this job – I never know what will be on the docket. From Formula E, to the BMW Performance Driving Center and beyond. But AMMO NYC is special; I truly never know what Larry will call on me to shoot. And if you gave me a thousand guesses, a Ferrari P4/5 would not have been on the list.

What is the Ferrari P4/5?

Ferrari P4/5
The car fully detailed.

Larry has a special relationship with film director James Glickenhaus, and I’ve covered a project of his before with the Boot.

Before James started his own design house, he commissioned Pininfarina to make a one-off car based on the Ferrari Enzo. Glickenhaus preferred the styling of Ferrari’s 1960s race cars, the P Series. The car cost $4 million to produce, but there’s only one, so it’s pretty much priceless.

Luca di Montezemolo, the president of Ferrari at the time, felt that the car deserved to be officially badged as a Ferrari, and along with Andrea Pininfarina and James Glickenhaus, agreed that its official name would be “Ferrari P 4/5 by Pininfarina”.So it’s a real Ferrari that fits into the lineage.

What did AMMO NYC do to the Ferrari P4/5?

Ferrari P4/5
It’s huge from the rear, and the Enzo ties are never apparent.

Larry will have a video coming soon, but as you can image, the car is well-traveled. He did a full paint polish and restoration. I’ve shot so much of his work, and it’s always a pain in the butt (in a good way). SO SHINY!

But this car went above and beyond. The depth was incredible, and the quality of reflection was first-rate.

Reflections have quality?

Ferrari P4/5
The car had nothing out of place.

They do! Imagine you’re staring into a mirror – do you prefer the glass to be clean and 100% free of distortion? That’s how car’s paint should work. Orange peel, swirl marks, and clear coat deterioration all affect how light interact with the surface of a car. Here, in the studio that is Larry’s garage, the car was flawless.

Did you touch it?

I opened the doors – seriously, this isn’t a car you can even start without a little Italian mechanic nearby, so I gave the P4/5 some distance. I will say this though. Compared to some other super cars I’ve worked with, this one was pretty easy to get in and out of, and very comfortable. I hope to catch it one day out on the open road!

Ferrari P4/5 gallery

Ferrari P4/5
The interior design is rather timeless.
Ferrari P4/5
Theater for the start button.
Ferrari P4/5
There’s a bit of Fi inspiration in the controls.
Ferrari P4/5
Five-point harnesses features the Prancing Horse on the belts.
Ferrari P4/5
Steering wheel controls are a common Ferrari feature.
Ferrari P4/5
Thanks to Larry for making the car available!

Special thanks to AMMO NYC for making the car available!

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