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Meet the new 2025 BMW X3

The new 2025 BMW X3 is here, with new engines, options, and a redesigned interior. Will it find its way into the MWS household?


When I walk into a car dealership, they don’t quake in their boots – “Oh, here comes Machines With Souls”. I must prepare for combat like you, and that means I better be happy with that freakin’ purchase. So how nice of BMW to release their 2025 BMW X3 just in time for my visit to the dealer.

Mr.s Machines has seen it. The eyes opened wide. Did it just vault to the top of the list?

2025 BMW X3 powertrain options and yummy M gear

The BMW X3 M50. Photo: BMW

Some updates from the previous model. Here we now have:

  • A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder equipped with a 48-volt hybrid system results in 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, an increase of seven ponies and 37 pound-feet. The 48-volt system is new to the four-cylinder model.
  • A turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six with a 48-volt hybrid. 393 horsepower and 428 pound-feet of torque, an extra 11 hp and 59 pound-feet over the previous M40i. That’s uh, that’s more torque than the G80.

The M40i now turns into the M50, following the trend of engine size and naming being completely unrelated. The B58 here gets an optimized oil supply system, stiffer engine mounts that sound scary because the G01 is already too stiff, and a “better high-performance turbocharger” – whatever that means. The M50 also gets electronically controlled dampers, variable sport steering and an M Sport rear differential, along with four-pot M Sport brakes.

Just to annoy you, BMW is now adding quad tailpipes to all M Performance cars. I feel justified because I still have a real one.

Inside out

I was not very impressed with the new 5 Series interior, and I fear the 2025 BMW X3 gets a similar treatment. Just look at it…

Photo: BMW

Is that…denim on the dashboard? At least leather is optional. And those U-shaped things on the door. My God.

There’s the big single screen (bad), digital HVAC controls (more bad), and ambient lighting that looks like it’s made with Fisher Price leftovers. BMW, please, visit Mercedes and ask nicely to copy their homework for interior decor.

The seats look much improved. Photo: BMW

But there’s also good. The sport seats are revised, the flat-bottom steering wheel from the M3 is now here, and it looks largely like the outgoing model in layout. I very much enjoy that bit because the car is so comfortable and usefully packaged.

Familiar friend

Looks right to me. Photo: BMW

I’d like to applaud BMW for moving away from some of its staples.

“How could they get rid of the Hofmeister kink?” Or how about, “The grilles are too big, and the angel eyes are too distorted.”

Yawn. Look, Porsche is stuck with forcing their design language on to everything that’s not a 911, and the result is a bunch of ugly cars. The X3 looks fresh, but you still know it’s a BMW. If the shape is a bit generic, at least it is usefully so.

The 2025 BMW X3 is more expensive (surprise!)

Photo: BMW

The X3 xDrive30 will start at $50,675, while the X3 M50 rings up at $65,275. The 30 model raises just $780, but the M50 goes up $2,780. One can only hope that more equipment is standard. It’s safe to assume that typical BMW option packages will be here, but surely Mrs. Machines does not need to remotely park the car from her phone.

Curiously, rumor has it that the X4 is not long for this world. It’s odd that an SUV be discontinued in modern times, but normally BMW twins are released together (like the X5 and X6), and I see no mention of a new X4.

Without that option available, I suppose we can say congratulations to the new X3. You’re on the list.

Time for battle with the dealers.

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