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Tour the $2.25 million dollar Ferrari Daytona SP3

The $2.25-million dollar Ferrari Daytona SP3 is a rare and special thing, but I can still get a hold of one for a tour.

Ferrari Daytona SP3

I was watching a (very) old episode of Top Gear the other day – they were driving a Ferrari Enzo. Course, Ferrari wouldn’t send them one. Neither would rental companies. No one would. They had to ask the drummer of Pink Floyd to borrow his. And if Clarkson himself couldn’t get an Enzo, what chance do I have to experience cars like this Ferrari Daytona SP3?

Turns out, pretty good.

What is the Ferrari Daytona SP3?

Ferrari Daytona SP3

It’s weird, that’s what.

Built on the LaFerrari Aperta chassis, the SP3 is a kind of throwback – there is no hybrid powertrain inside. Instead, it’s “just” a mid-mounted V-12 with 829 horsepower and 512 lb-ft of torque, and it revs to 9,500 RPM. Lovely. Somewhat ironic that this is the first V-12 mid-engine Ferrari since Clarkson’s Enzo. Ferrari has said this is the end of the road too – they won’t make another V-12 mid-engine car. We’ll see.

Ferrari Daytona SP3
Power comes from a naturally aspirated V-12.

It’s the most powerful engine ever put inside a road-going Ferrari and helps the SP3 reach a 212 MPH top speed. All that power is mated to the seven-speed DCT from an 812 Competizione that sends power to the rear wheels only. With just about 3,200 pounds of sexy to tow around thanks to a monocoque tub and carbon fiber body panels, the SP3 has the power-to-weight ratio of a terrier with a bad attitude.

Features and Comfort: Okay

Ferrari Daytona SP3

The Daytona is remarkably old-school. There’s no turbocharging, electric drivetrain, or active aero bodywork. About the only nod to the car being built in 2024 is an auto start/stop function, which you will disable as soon as you sit inside.

Though it’s based on an Aperta, significant work was needed to give the car its wrap-around windshield (a special call-back to the Ferrari 330 P4 that won all three podium spots at Daytona in 1967). It’s also wider than the LaFerrari at the back, at 80.7 inches.

Ferrari Daytona SP3
The seats in this example were Alcantara with white stitching.

You can spec any interior color you want (this one featured black suede). You also choose the seat size and angle, and then Ferrari bolts them in permanently. Better not lose (or gain) weight. At least the pedals are adjustable.

Getting in and out of this thing gracefully is no small feat, and if your date is wearing a dress, bring curtains. The wide door sill puts the seats in a different ZIP code from the outside world. Also, tell them not to be too tall, because the HVAC plumbing lives where their feet will need to go.

Ferrari Daytona SP3

There’s only a small frunk, and though you can remove the top, there’s no place on board to stow it.

On the outside the shape is stunning, but also functional to Ferrari’s credit. How do they make something so fast and beautiful, while McLaren just makes nameless blobs?

Ferrari Daytona SP3
Silver accents throughout.
Ferrari Daytona SP3

Painted a one-off shade called Blu Ultrascurro, it was polished to typical Dan perfection. I don’t know how the hell he can work on cars like this – my lens never has to touch that beautiful skin. He’s a true pro.

How do you even get one?

Ferrari Daytona SP3
The Daytona stands out, even among beauties.

Just 599 will be made, are already sold out, and they cost $2.25 million apiece. To start. Check back in a few years when it becomes the feature of a Talk Me Out of It and costs double that. Or more.

Typical of Ferrari, 90% of them have gone to previous customers. And not you, with the 348. We’re talking big spenders – people that have purchased previous Ferrari Icona Series cars.

Ferrari Daytona SP3

This particular SP was from HK Motorcars, and no, they are not giving you 10% off MSRP. Located in Mount Kisco, NY, they sell all kinds of exotic things (some of which I’ve never even heard of). Give their website a browse and window shop a 1985 Hummer, 60’s Caddy limo, or Glickenhaus SCG Boot.

As for the Daytona, would I love to drive it? Duh. But in a way, I kind of don’t need to. Even at the car’s press launch at Zandvoort, drives on track were limited to 50 MPH. Clearly the Soul Score would be a million. I doubt the owner of a Ferrari Daytona SP3 is going to track it, or even push it on backroads. They don’t need to – it makes you feel special as soon as you start it.

Ferrari Daytona SP3

Still, I got closer than 99% of the public ever will. And with Top Gear dead, perhaps Machines With Souls will take over the mantle of borrowing Ferraris without their permission.

This one-of-a-kind (for real) Ferrari Daytona SP3 was prepped by Turn 7 Auto Care while at Autostrada, and sold by HK Motorcars. Thanks to everyone for making the car available!

Ferrari Daytona SP3
Thanks to Dan for letting me get up close!

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Gallery

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Ferrari Daytona SP3Ferrari Daytona SP3 Ferrari Daytona SP3Ferrari Daytona SP3 Ferrari Daytona SP3 Ferrari Daytona SP3 Ferrari Daytona SP3 Ferrari Daytona SP3Ferrari Daytona SP3 Ferrari Daytona SP3 Ferrari Daytona SP3 Ferrari Daytona SP3

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