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Talk Me Out Of It: the M2 movement

A new G87 BMW M2 is up for bid, but do we want this questionable example, or a really nice F87 Competition from 2020?

Welcome back to Talk Me Out Of It, where I present questionable automotive choices up for sale. This week, it’s time for some BMW M2, old and new.

I’m calling out a “flipper”.

The 2023 BMW M2 vs the 2020 BMW M2 Competition

See the 2023 M2 listing here.

See the 2020 M3 Competition listing here.

I get it – life happens. Someone gets hurt, you lose your job – bad things. But what would possess someone to purchase a new G87, add wheels and lowering springs, drive it for 600 miles (it’s not even broken in), and then…sell it?

Oh yea, money!

The 2023 BMW M2

G87 M2
I sense the dark side in this car. Photo: Cars & Bids

Let’s talk about the car first:

  • 650 miles
  • Currently bid to $55,000
  • Pretty basically equipped – no carbon roof or carbon seats
  • The stock wheels? Gone (sold, presumably), replaced by extremely questionable Vossen HF-7 wheels.
  • AST lowering springs, so make sure the front wheels don’t rub.
  • Could a car this new already be beat up? It’s filthy inside.
  • Clean record..better be.

The seller doesn’t reveal the motive, but rest assured that a sob story would usually be posted for additional sympathy points. Could this be a flip?

If so, I get the sense of instant gratification a potential buyer would receive, but wouldn’t you just rather order what you want a wait the six months? The car shows will be there for you, trust me. Is the seller hoping to recoup taxes and make a profit? Does simple math not apply here? It’s not an F40. Sorry friends, but this is no car enthusiast.

Ultimately, the why is irrelevant. Unless it stays at $60k or under, walk away with a smile on your face.

The 2020 BMW M2 Competition

A proper blue. Photo: Cars & Bids

I think the G is a big improvement over the F chassis, but I can’t fault you for going with the OG.

I have no idea which car will end up costing more, but this is a really good example of an LCI F87:

  • 16,400 miles
  • Currently bid to $54,000
  • Nice Alcantara and carbon inside
  • Nice carbon accents outside
  • Window tint
  • Only a mid-pipe, with a painted stock muffler, so I wouldn’t “add” money because of the exhaust
  • Clean record
  • Long Beach Blue > Zandvoort Blue
  • Original owner selling

Now I will admit that $54,000 is really pushing it for this M2 – if it goes much higher, I’d bail and ask BMW for a sweetie deal on a new one. Remember, $10,000 more on the sticker price is roughly $200 more per month. And the F87’s problems will always persist, namely a cheap interior, awkward seating position, and cramped cockpit. And sorry (not really), but the S58 is a much better M engine, maybe their best inline-six ever.

I can help. Actually, I will help

Next month, BMW is sending me an M2 for review, and I’m going to decide if it’s really just a smaller M4, or its own thing. And is it better than its predecessor?

In the meantime, I wonder what will happen for this pair of 2s. We need to pick one, and I know where my vote is going…

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