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Talk Me Out…No, Hear Me Out: Audi e-tron GT

You can get an incredible deal on an Audi e-tron GT right now - almost $50,000 off. But do you even want one?


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  1. It seems you’re a tasteful bunch – 55% of you choose that Alpina. We’ll find out if you’re correct with a full review next month. Today, I have something you probably won’t like, but I think maybe you should hear me out on this one – an Audi e-tron GT. Why? Because you can get $50,000 off one right now.

Would you still rather have the Porsche Taycan Turbo?

The 2024 Audi e-tron GT vs the 2024 Porsche Taycan

The GT and Taycan share platforms, and thus silhouettes. Photo: Audi

Well, well well – how the turns have tabled. Forget about the planet-saving aspects of electric cars – I implore you not to be fooled by what everyone says.

Instead, maybe consider an electric car as a good contender for a daily. If you:

  • Have access to a charger each night
  • Drive less than..150 miles a day? That should cover it.
  • Can score an amazing deal on one

Then why not, right? Very fast. No fuel needed. Still fun – wouldn’t you rather be in an Audi e-tron for $100,000 as oppose to a Tesla anyway?

Against it, I will pit a Porsche Taycan. They share platforms and indeed look similar. I’d call neither a hot seller – Audi sold about 1,000 GTs, Porsche, 1,600 Taycans.

I can tell you right now that the problem with both of these cars is the price. To get to an Audi e-tron GT RS, you need to write a check for nearly $150,000 and walk by that beautiful RS 6. It’s a non-starter.

But for $50,000 off?

The 2024 Audi e-tron GT RS

It’s a handsome car. Photo: Audi

To get the full discount on this car, you have to perform a real-life Konomi code:

  • Audi is offering $20,000 off a new GT
  • They are also offering $7,500 off any EV lease
  • Costco member? You get another $5,000 off, just because. That’s $32,500.
  • If you already lease an Audi, they will give you an additional discount for coming back – up to 14%. But even if you don’t, I bet they will dance with you on the price.

Forget the base model – we want the RS, which is $147,010. Included are a carbon fiber roof, Tungsten Carbide coated brake discs with Orange calipers (whatever that means), and torque vectoring. Go nuts with leather and options, and we’re up to $166,000. I know, I know, but if it really does become $116,000…maybe?

It does have 637 horsepower…

The 2024 Porsche Taycan Turbo

Porsche Taycan
It really is a fun car.

To get the Audi’s power, we must travel up from the base price of a Taycan, around $90,000, and go all the way to the Turbo. That starts at $160,000, but you do get:

  • 670 horsepower (they seem to get to sixty in the same time)
  • That’s it.

I love Porsche, but if you don’t put anything in this car, it’s stripper spec. No carbon roof, black trim, regular brakes. To get to the Audi’s level, you must put this car well over $200,000. I have not driven a GT, but the Taycan is a wonderful car. No asterisk needed.

That said, there is no way that a Taycan Turbo is $100k better. Porsche doesn’t give much in the deal department, and certainly nothing with a Turbo badge on it.

The economics of electric cars

Porsche Taycan
Electric cars are not selling well at all.

Why aren’t these cars selling? Because rich people don’t care about putting fuel in cars.

For these things to work, they need to make an electric Nissan Altima – or Versa – so that Jill can get to her entry level job, and she can barely afford fuel as it is. And it’s not just Audi, but also Telsa (gross), BMW (check the deals on every electric car they make), Mercedes…it’s not working.

People with more money pay for status, but also experience. I don’t think electric cars are there yet.

These two cars are the very definition of niche, and you can get a Taycan Turbo with a different badge for a helluva deal.

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