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Surprise! The BMW XM isn’t selling.

The BMW XM isn't selling well, but does that mean second-hand values turn the car into a good deal? Maybe not, if an X5 M has a say.


Oh, it warms my heart to know that 67% of you want that V-8 instead of the M340i. The IS 500 review drops on Tuesday. In the meantime, let’s check in on a car that makes me say “Told ya so” – the BMW XM.

The 2023 BMW XM vs the 2021 BMW X5 M

See the BMW XM listing

See the BMW X5 M listing

You know by now – I’ve no issue with sporty SUVs. They make no sense, but they are fun, so who cares?

I could name a dozen straight away I’m sure I’d love. The Jaguar F-PACE SVR. A Lambo Urus. An SQ5 is neat. I think a BMW X5 M is a terrific value. In fact, let’s come back to that guy.

But the XM? Not so good. It’s not pretty. It’s not economical, even though it’s a hybrid. No faster than an X5 M. Not any more practical either. In fact, can you name a single thing it might do better? That’s rhetorical – it’s nothing. I remember seeing one at a private event before the public reveal – it had the steering wheel from a 3 Series. On a car costing $170,000.

As this generation ages, pre-LCI examples are becoming affordable.

I see them sitting on lots around my house, all kinds of colors. Walk into a dealer and pick one for at least $10k off the MSRP. They don’t even exist on the auction sites – just two listed, only one sold.

But maybe we can get a good deal on one? It does have a few good selling points – the interior is cool. V-8. Hmm..

The 2023 BMW XM

The BMW XM. Edmunds

Let me explain this specific example first:

  • $106,489
  • 6,849 miles
  • Mineral White Metallic over Sakhir Orange – meh
  • 644 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque from a hybrid twin turbo V-8
  • 30 miles of electric-only range
  • Seats from an F90 M5, steering wheel from an M2, and…actually everything inside is recycled M bits
  • Clean title and CarFax
  • For sale at a Porsche dealer – wonder what they traded it in for.

This might be the cheapest example for sale in the country, but it’s still expensive at a six-figure price tag. Others don’t deviate to far from this figure though.

With 115 used examples available right now (and BMW only sold about 500) – that means almost a third have been traded back after just one year. Yikes.

Funny that BMW offers a better version right across the show room floor.

The 2020 BMW X5 M

The X5 M. Edmunds

To give you an idea of the disparity here, there are about 20 more X5 Ms for sale (G05) – about 140 nationwide. They all cost less than the XM, but not by as much as you think, and all have more miles. I like blue ones, so:

  • 15,002 miles
  • $79,525 (I think that’s high too, but this is Miami)
  • Marina Bay Blue over Black Merino leather. Nice!
  • Competition trim – I see absolutely no reason to not spec a Comp here, and BMW no longer lets you order a base model. However, in 2020 you could, so watch out for Chrome badges.
  • Clean title and CarFax
  • A 617 horsepower twin turbo V-8 from the M5 makes 617 horsepower. This is the S63, not the S68 from the XM.
  • Carbon fiber trim inside
  • The LCI might look better, but this is nearly half off a new one so, I’m good with it.
The X5 M (and X6 M) don’t need cartoon antics to make you smile.

Oh yea, they start at $124,000, and you’re not spending less than 130. This is a pricier example, but it would be the spec I want. More miles drops the price, and I don’t think you need to fear the repair bills like you used to.

From behind the wheel, the XM might be a bit more “out there” with its dash and ceiling treatment, but I just think it’s a cartoon. Instead, get a real M – one not born in a lab for the purpose of a money grab. Wait another year, and watch them start to fall below X5 M prices.

So, what will it be? A decent deal on an XM, or smiling in the X5?

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