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A tour of AMMO NYC’S New Garage

Take a tour of the all-new AMMO NYC detailing garage, and see owner Larry Kosilla's collection of beautiful cars.


Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC has been a client for many years, and he invited me to shoot both his new garage and the famous AMMO 964 and R8. Take a tour with me of his incredible space!

Walking into the AMMO NYC Garage

Located on a quiet, unassuming cul-de-sac, the shop itself is unremarkable on the outside. There’s no branding to give away what waits for you upon opening the turbine-shaped handle.

The first floor houses space for 3 cars. The top is open to the top with a large skylight to shine below. Tons of AMMO NYC supplies line the shelves. And a unique lighting system highlights the cars to make it easier to detail them.

The lights are so strong that they’ve already burned the garage floor.

Details of the AMMO NYC Garage

A guy like Larry loves…well, details. And this place is full of them. Taking old engine parts from a local Porsche garage, every detail is unique. Table stands are old crankshafts, handles are old turbines, and brake discs stand in for furniture bases. Even the bathroom wall has riveted metal plating, making it look like an old B-29 bomber.

A second floor balcony lets you look down at the cars below, and there’s always something special in Larry’s shop.

There’s also a big mural front and center, done by a local graffiti artist. I recognized one of the pics I had taken of Larry in Brooklyn as being used for inspiration, so that was a pretty cool touch.

Old race car parts form lots of furniture.
The view from the second floor.
The mural, visible from anywhere in the building.
Even the walls are able to be waxed here.


With over a million YouTube subscribers, Larry went all out on his third floor with a full studio to edit his latest tutorial videos. Lined with wood, it looks like an old school recording studio.


As famous as the man himself, both the Audi R8 and Porsche 964 911 have achieved internet fame. The 911 was repainted and is the blackest black car you’ll ever see. A tutorial on how to shoot both the car and it’s reflective surface will be coming soon.

AMMO 964 911
The third bay is meant for photo shoots.
AMMO 964 tail
Purple lights on the far wall add a really cool accent.
AMMO Audi R8
The skylight in the middle bay means some cool lighting effects can be achieved.
AMMO 964 911
I love these honeycomb lights – they look great against the car’s surface.
Larry Kosilla
Special thanks to Larry for letting me into the world of AMMO.

Thanks to Larry of AMMO NYC for access to his shop for a few hours!

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