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The BMW M2 CS Party

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The name “CS”, or “Club Sport”, is the highest honor bestowed on a BMW M car, short of it having a GT somewhere in the name. They are rare, expensive, and hard to get a hold of. But for Phil at Detailer’s Domian, getting no less than five BMW M2 CS Coupes in the shop at once proved possible.

I wasn’t kidding…

Clean ’em up

By now, you guys have probably heard of Detailer’s Domain, and I’ve featured them on this blog often. Specializing in high-end European cars, Phil is a master of paint correction, detailing, and paint protection film installation.

You never know what you’ll find at the shop on any given day. On the day of my visit, Phil had these M2s, an Aston Martin, some Audi RS4s, and even a Lamborghini Diablo. Getting brand new cars with protective tape still on in for PPF installation isn’t uncommon. Having all these CS cars at once was.

We’re going to show this car some love.

Let’s install some PPF on a BMW M2 CS

The most interesting part about all this is that even brand new cars direct from the factory are covered in dirt and scratches. Phil and his co-worker Kevin will first carefully remove all the protective wrapping that comes from the factory.

The car first gets a bath. Special care is given to the wheels and removing surface toxins. These cars can sometimes sit at ports for months, so dirt buildup is common. The guys use an air compressor to make sure no water remains, and slowly towel dried with a microfiber towel to ensure a clean but bare surface.

The car then has it’s badges, tail lights, grilles and door handles removed for easier access when applying PPF.

BMW M2 CS wrap
Yes, there’s even a method to do this.
Unwrapping the best Christmas present ever.
BMW M2 CS door handle
Pieces are removed so the film can get clean edges throughout.
The empty taillight housing.
BMW M2 CS Wash
Tubby Time
BMW M2 CS wheel
Even from the factory, there is a lot of iron deposit on the wheels.
BMW M2 CS Steering Wheel
Everything is still factory wrapped.
BMW M2 CS seats
Love the M striping on the seats.

Patience is required

Once the car is prepped, Phil applies PPF one panel at a time, and carefully trims each piece as needed. The car is sprayed with a solvent to help with moving the film around as needed, then squeegeed repeatedly to ensure there are no bubbles.

Once the film adheres and dries, Phil and Kevin will take a needle to pop and excess bubbles. Finally, they rub the film down for a smooth finish. There is an exact science to this that Phil has nailed down and perfected. It’s easy to see why he’s so busy.

BMW M2 CS Wash
Hose down
PPF film is applied

Once complete, Phil will pop air bubbles with a needle.
BMW M2 CS taillight
Phil replaces a taillight.
The gang’s all here

The BMW M2 CS mini review

Having just been inside the G80 M3 two days before, getting back into an F chassis BMW felt somewhat odd.

You might be wondering if I think a CS is worth the premium over a regular M2 Competition. In short, I do. I’ve driven many M2 Comps, and this is the M car that feels the most like my old E92.

The CS ups that feel a bit more with the motor from the F80 M3 Competition. It’s lighter than the regular M2 Comp, and the carbon fiber roof makes it look special. All I did was move the car in the parking lot to shoot it. That was enough to feel the steering wheel “push” back on me properly. BMW still has a hard time with electric steering, something Porsche has figured out by now. I hope that soon changes.

It also highlights my G80 thoughts – it’s a mini M5. By now, the M2 CS is sold out. However, you can still find a few on dealer lots as of this writing. Feeling basic in your “regular” M2? I suggest some M Performance Parts.

Special thanks to Detailer’s Domain for putting this together!

All clean. Misano Blue Metallic is a beautiful color.

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