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The 2021 Machines With Souls recap

Recap my 2021, with tons of shoots with BMWs, AMMO NYC, the Performance Center, and even a special 90s classic.

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It’s the 2021 recap! If you’ve been following along in 2021, you know it’s been a busy year for me. From multiple BMW Performance Center shoots, working with AMMO NYC, comparison tests and more, I’ve been all over. I hope each story comes alive through my images, and that you’ve enjoyed reading.

Below is a list of some of my favorite stories and images from 2021. I look forward to sharing much more in 2022 (along with some big news), and I thank you for joining me each week. Happy New Year! Full send into 2022!

Hello G80

BMW G80 M3
A Times Square shoot was a dream location.

BMW NYC invited me to shoot the pre-production G80 M3 in Manhattan. To get the car looking its best, I bring it to AMMO.

Good-bye 335i

BMW 335i
Sunset vibes.

It was fun to shoot my own car going up for auction, and my experience with Cars & Bids was first-rate.

Performing at the Performance Center

BMW M8 drifting
it’s the most complex shot I’ve ever taken, but it was worth it.

I head to the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina for a shoot. See what it’s like to work with pro drivers on-track.

X3 x 2

X3 M40i

Do you really need the M340i version of the X3? Is the X4 worth it for less space? I answer my own question because a few months later, I picked up my own.

The 2021 Fall M Cruise

BMW M3 Fall Cruise 2021

200 BMWs. A beautiful fall morning, and a lot of fun.

AMMO visits


Sometimes, Larry invites me to shoot rare and special cars, like this Ferrari P4/5.

The 500-mile M3 trip


I borrow a new M3 from the Performance Center, then proceed to take it around NYC and on to MPACT.

New M3, who dis?

Kyalami Orange
Kyalami Orange interior offsets the blue nicely.

I track my G80 build, then  return to the fold of the M faithful with a trip to South Carolina to take delivery of my own G80. Then I drive it home for its 1,200 mile break-in.

I bring friends along

BMW M2, M3, and M5

How does the new M3 and M4 stack up against previous generations, and its showroom contemporaries, the CS twins?

The need for E-speed

BMW Formula e

It’s not easy to get into an FIA event, but with this being the last year for BMW in Formula E, I make a trip to Brooklyn.

Beautiful sunset

1998 3000GT VR-4

My favorite shoot of 2021 might just be with this lovely 3000GT VR-4.

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