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Talk Me Out Of It: Porsche 911 battle

This week, it's the 2014 991 911 Turbo vs a salvaged 911 GT3. When both are the same price, which one is the better option?


A split decision is rare here, but the pair of Mercs draws a perfectly divided line – 50% right now the middle. Let’s keep it in the semi-exotic realm this week with a pair of 911s. Since the T didn’t fully satisfy, is there another 911 that might? How about two – the 911 Turbo and 911 GT3.

“That’s easy, the GT 3!” Come on, you’re not fooled by now…

The 2014 911 Turbo Coupe vs the 2014 911 GT3

See the 911 Turbo listing here

See the 911 GT3 listing here

There are literally thousands of different 911s for sale across the US at any given time. It’s a wonder how they all remain so expensive. But to me, the 911 is best in either one of these two versions: the Turbo, and the GT3.

2014 911 Turbo Coupe

This example looks clean. Photo: CarFax

The “classic” Turbo means that this used to be the best, fastest, most insane 911 you could have. It also meant that it was the only one with two fire breathing snails attached to it. For the record, these are both from the 991 generation, because I wanted them as closely related as possible. This 911 Turbo has:

  • 37,757 miles on the clock
  • A $107,969 price tag (who traded this in at a Lexus dealer?)
  • Three owners – we’d be the fourth
  • Has lived in Maine, Florida, Connecticut, and now the great state of New Jersey.
  • Clean title
  • Outside, so nice, finished in either GT Silver Metallic or Rhodium Silver Metallic. Apologies, it’s not listed.
  • Inside, well, hope you like RED! It’s everywhere.
Wow that’s…a lot. Photo: CarFax.

The Turbo did not come with a manual option, and it might surprise you that I agree with Porsche here. The car is simply too capable and fast to be held up by us rowing our own. This isn’t the “S” either, but guys, 0-60 in 2.6 seconds, okay?

Plus, the Turbo is a grand touring dream, equipped with the best of Porsche tech at the time. Hard to envision a better all around sports car. But we can think of a more visceral one.

2014 911 GT3

Approach with caution. Photo: CarGurus

As perfect as the Turbo is, it doesn’t really allow you to savor all the little nuances of speed and performance driving. Enter this 2014 911 GT3:

  • 16,164 miles
  • $104,950
  • Ahem, a salvage title
  • Four previous owners
  • Black on black on black. Does look clean at least.

Again, there is no manual option (remember when Porsche tried to banish them?). Now, there is no mention of what exactly this salvage title means, and the dealer, well, they seem shady at best. “ICE COLD AC!” – please, is that what buyers care about?

2022 Porsche 911 GT3
Newer GT3s can give you a stick. Just sayin’.

But I’m diligent, so let’s take a look at another similar GT3, this one a 2015 with about 32,000 miles. At $126,000, you pay a significant amount for some clean history. How much is your piece of mind worth? This is a car that absolutely requires a PPI, along with some more sweet talk from the dealer.

Porsche quickly found out that there is still demand for a manual, especially in this car. So perhaps saving up a bit more for a newer version is required. I think we”ll enjoy its more authentic driving experience.

The GT3 has no back seat, few luxuries and no turbos. Some say it’s better than the king of 911s. Which one would you pick?

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