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Talk me out of it: 2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello

Talk me out of this 2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello, with multiple owners, undesirable color combo, and questionable history.


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Well, 66% of you think that RS4 is for the streets – apparently a sketchy history and NOS stickers don’t do it around these parts. This week, I’m in the mood for Italian. But not traditional Italian – no Grandma pies here. Instead, how about a Ferrari with the engine in the front? The Ferrari 575M Maranello.

2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello

It’s one of Ferrari’s best-looking models. Photo: CarFax

See the listing here.

This is a beautiful car. Maybe one of the top five ever. I know, I know – mid-engine Ferraris are the real ones. But I love a good GT, and the 575M was as GT as it could get.

And check that price – $129,999. Some of these can go for over $400,000. But Talk Me Out Of It loves sketchy…

  • Five owners
  • The very questionable choice of Grigio Titanium Metallic with Blue Scuro leather interior and carpeting.
  • Up to three years between oil changes
  • The car was sold in 2015 with 26,365 miles, and here it is almost 10 years later with…26,927 miles? 600 miles in seven years.
  • The current dealer is parking this thing next to Civics and 70’s Eldorados – take a look for yourself. Trust ’em?
  • F1 transmission – not the six-speed manual

Some good things – a clear service history, even if some of it makes you squeamish, and low mileage might encourage you to finally engage your inner Miami Vice.

What to look for in a Ferrari 575M Maranello

This one has some curb rash, and it’s missing the Handling Pack that brings up the value. Photo: CarFax

Aside from the fact that it’s a fu-raw-re, the 575M continued the tradition of the berlinetta, or 2+2 coupe. The 550 came before and looked nearly identical, but the 575M received a larger 5.75 liter V-12 engine with more displacement and higher compression for a delicious 515 pricing horses, among other enhancements.

What makes a 575M example special? First is the transmission choice – you can have a six-speed manual or Ferrari’s hated ‘”F1″, basically a dual clutch unit. Check out the shifter itself – does size not matter?

Second is the Handling GTC package, which adds 19-inch alloy wheels, carbon ceramic brakes with 15.7-inch rotors and 6-piston calipers up front, 14.2-inch rotors and 4-piston calipers at the rear, an adaptive performance-tuned suspension system, and a low-restriction titanium exhaust. People who bought this car originally – what were you thinking if you did not get this package? Did the funds run out just as you got to this option? Why would you not get a 575M with the HGTC package?

Not exactly red on tan, is it. Photo: CarFax

Oh yea! It was only available from 2004 on. Looks like this one missed out.

I won’t even mention the Superamerica, with its amazing glass roof, even though I just did.

Finally, color combo really matters here. You have yourself a blue/tan, red/tan or yellow, you’re gold. But something like the silver/blue combo here? A solid meh.

It’s old and Italian – how long before it breaks?

Something about size matters, I guess. Photo: CarFax

This actually isn’t a terrible Ferrari to own. Look out for:

  • Sticky leather
  • Sticky buttons
  • Electronic suspension gremlins

The big one is the F1 transmission, which is Momma Mia complex. It must be serviced every three years to keep it healthy. Only Enzo knows if this one was properly looked after, and he ain’t talkin’.

The 575M can go for over $400,000, like this example, if it’s set up properly. That blue/tan example is pretty much the same car, except it’s got the manual and a more desirable color combo (plus 15k fewer miles). This one is $300,000 cheaper.

You could throw a nuke at this one and still have enough money left over to fix it. But there are even cheaper ones out there too.

So what do you think? Can you talk me out of it?

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