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Talk Me Out Of It: How badly do you want an M3 CS?

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F80 bros, unite! Sort of. 55% pine for the manual version, even though it has way more distance covered. But manuals are old school – what if you want new? Like a new BMW M3 CS – they are out there now, awaiting your wallet to spread its legs. Is it worth the $125k sticker price? What else can be had for that significant sum that might divert our BMW-loving eyes?

Hmmm, let’s have Italian tonight…

The 2024 BMW M3 CS vs the 2012 Ferrari FF

See the BMW M3 CS listing

See the Ferrari FF listing

We love the Roundel on here don’t we? And we also love making an impression on that Sunday morning crowd. Is the M3 CS special enough to make that impression?

I don’t know – you can make any G80 look like a CS. It’s not really any faster than an xDrive model. Is it possible we’re just paying for a name and a little clout?

This M3 CS has

  • $124,000 MSRP. Some of these are at a 30k markup, but this one seems resonable
  • Signal Green – might as well burn all those eyeballs lookin’ you up and down.
  • +40 more horses than a regular Comp model
  • Standard CS fair
I gotta be green. Photo: BMW

Matt Farah once made an argument that an M3, any M3, can’t really be your special weekend car. Too practical. Too comfortable. I mostly agree. So if the CS is meant to be a daily, is there anything else in this price range that can make your heart sing?

The 2012 Ferrari FF

The 2012 Ferrari FF. Photo: Autotrader

So we want a daily – let’s nix all the coupes. But we want fun – let’s nix all the SUVs. Yet, we still need practical and special. Well, here it is:

  • $139,900
  • 22,323 miles
  • Silver over Nero Black leather
  • Clean record
  • Owned in California its entire life
  • V-12! With 651 horses.
  • All-wheel drive. Add snow tires and you’re golden for winter.

Well, ahem. This thing seats four comfortably, can make a trip to the Home Depot, and looks like it just came back from being an extra on Baywatch.

Is that the nav from a Chrysler minivan? Photo: Autotrader

It’s Italian, so you know it’s weird. An outdated infotainment system is expected in a ten-year old car, but this nav is literally taken from Chrysler’s parts bin. Aren’t you even a little embarrassed Ferrari?

Really, the inside as a whole isn’t Ferrari’s best effort, but it’s still very premium. Outside, perhaps you’d like Rosso Corsa or Fly Yellow, but the silver just works here. Subdued, like the FF itself.

No need for speed

Yep, the M3 is faster, better on gas (much better), and brand new. Which is more special to drive each day? Couldn’t you just put on the M Performance Suspension and the M Performance Exhaust on a regular M3 and call it equal, saving yourself $20k in the process?

The FF – yea, it’ll be more temperamental, but it’ll make you smile more. Can you talk me out of it?

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