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Talk me out of it: 2012 BMW E92 M3 Coupe

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We have reviews. Buyer guides. Mailbags. And now, welcome to a new feature called “Talk me out of it”. Each week, I’ll scour the interwebs for some sort of special car for sale to highlight and, you know, talk me out of. Could be an auction, a local dealer, even one you have for sale that you think is worthy. Send me an email if you do.

Now there is a catch. I’m not going to pick a car that’s lookin’ good. No no, I’m going bargain hunting. I want a rebuilt title. A sketchy history. Six previous owners. Cars you’d be ashamed to drive your mom around in.

Think I’m crazy? At the end of each article will be a simple “yes” or “no” poll you can vote with and see the results in real-time. Go ahead, crush my dreams.

And hey, this isn’t an endorsement. But maybe you’ll find your next project here. Cars have a soul, and they respond to a some good ol’ TLC. Let the poor choices commence!

First up is a 2012 BMW E92 M3 Coupe.

2012 BMW E92 M3 Coupe

Talk me out of this 2012 BMW M3 Coupe. Photo: Carfax

Check out the listing here.

People that have stuck with me from the beginning will know why this car is special, but allow me to enlighten everyone else: I had one for a decade.

I’ve been working on some content with E9Xs recently and it’s made me miss the platform even more. But hey, the cars are hot right now. I’m not spending G8X money on one. Surely a 10-year-old car with high production numbers can be had for less than that?

It can! This 2012 BMW E92 M3 Coupe has some questionable decisions both from its day of birth and every day since.

Alpine White is a classic color, but pairing it with Bamboo Beige is an odd choice. Double hump dash too. It does have some yummy selects, namely a carbon fiber roof and DCT transmission.

The CarFax shows a “minor” accident, and decent service history, but you’re on your own for rod bearings and the like. With 74k miles, it’d call this a critical issue.

Location, location, location

And man, has this car been all over, from California, to Maryland and now New Jersey. Five owners in total, including a buy-back from BMW of North America over some emissions thing. But you were going to take the cats out anyway, weren’t you?

Lots of love needed here. Photo: Carfax

I see a few things that gross me out. The missing buttons for Sport modes and radio. Curbed wheels (that are powder-coated? Plasti-dipped? Whatever, eww). Those cheesy M stripes in the grille because someone was ’bout dat Motorsport life. And it’s being sold in a location that just screams “we finance poor decisions and bad credit!”

And here. The buttons are not difficult to replace. Photo: Carfax

You can get this car mechanically sound for less than $10,000, and you should be able to get it lower than its $24,999 asking price. I’d call it $20k out the door, since it’s below 100,000 miles. Now we’re at around $30k, and though the cosmetic issues might remain, you have yourself one helluva daily driver for Toyota Camry money, and way less than those beauty queen E9Xs at $100k.

So, what say you? Care to talk me out of it?

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