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Talk me out of it: Audi R battle

Can the Audi RS 6 compete with a genuine super car in the Audi R8? It's one of the most beautiful wagons ever made.


It’s Turbo time. Specifically, Porsche Turbo, because 80% of you agreed to take that Turbo over the GT 3. This week: Audi. This site has been light on Audi content, but that’s about to change, and we start with two of my favorites. Because when it comes to oh-my-god beautiful wagons, the Audi RS 6 isn’t just the best choice, it’s the only one.

But would you pick it over a genuine German super car?

The 2021 Audi RS 6 vs the 2017 Audi R8 5.2

See the Audi RS 6 listing

See the Audi R8 listing

Wagons are dead. You knew that. But before they go, Audi brought us a gift – the RS 6 Avant. It doesn’t sell well, it’s really expensive, and it loves to drink dead dinosaur.

Who. Effiin’. Cares.

This is essentially an M5 wagon competitor (if such a thing existed), with 591 horses from a 4.0 liter V-8, an eight-speed auto, and all-wheel drive. It looks incredible – why would you pick an X5 M over this?

Photo: CarFax

But did I mention that you need to bring money? Used examples are priced where new ones should be, so I can only imagine the dealer mark up on 2024 models. Since this is Talk Me Out Of It, I need to find you a problem child Audi RS 6, and I have:

  • 12,290 miles
  • $112,222 (that’s the cheapest one I could find in the entire country)
  • Why is it so cheap? Oh, because it has a branded title.
  • The classic Nardo Grey over yummy black leather inside (white stitching too)
  • Two owners, one of them being Audi.
  • Lived in Washington State, and now it’s in Linden, New Jersey. Hold your nose.
  • It’s at one of those shady dealers that will approve you, even if your credit score resembles the floor of Times Square on New Years Eve at 12:01 AM.
So nice inside. Photo: CarFax

Now, the details tell us that the original owner had a check engine light come on. Audi fixed it, but that wasn’t good enough. In the end, they bought it back, and it’s now been tainted with the dreaded Lemon title. What exactly broke? That’s lost to the history books.

They say it still has a warranty, but this is an expensive German car. Are we not asking for trouble? We are.

Maybe the supercar is the more sensible choice…

The 2017 Audi R8 5.2

The second gen sure is pretty. Like a lady Iron Man. Photo: CarFax

I have gone on record stating that the R8 worked better with a (gated manual!) V-8. For the second generation of this supercar, Audi ditched both, leaving a V-10 and seven-speed DCT that is shared with a Lamborghini Huracan. I suppose there are worse bits to share…

Sadly, they don’t make the R8 anymore – 2023 is its last year. It’s an odd car – always more comfortable at touring than “super car-ing”, and always overshadowed by its Italian cousin. But hey, 540 horses yelling “Achtung!” instead of Pericolo! isn’t bad. This one has:

  • 22,845 miles
  • $138,443 asking price (A little high, but one of the cheaper good examples)
  • Has lived in Maine and Florida (now New Jersey)
  • We’d be the fourth owner.
  • I think the color combo is simply meh. Looks like Daytona Grey Pearl with those silver blades, BRIGHT WHEELS, and an interior so dark you’ll think you’ve landed in Venom’s underwear drawer.
The first gen was a better driver’s car.

The car seems well-taken care of, with a full service history. But it’s not the Spyder, which adds a sense of occasion, and it isn’t the Plus, which has 610 horses. Are you okay settling for second best when spending this much money?

A supe-R battle

Here’s where we’re screwed – Audi knows there just isn’t another option. I love the Taycan Cross Turismo, but you’ll be able to get a new one of them in ten years. Clearly not the case with the RS 6.

Or the R8? It’s just about $20,000 more, but it’s an R8. With an Italian heart. Forget about buying a new one in ten years. You can’t get a new one now.

So, where should we put the engine? Way in front, or in the middle?

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