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How I shot MPACT 2018

Learn how I shot at MPACT 2018, mostly in rainy conditions. Work was featured on SpeedHunters and BMW Aftersale material.

MPACT 2018

MPACT is the largest BMW show on the east coast, a place where you can not only show your car, but race it. Taking place at Pocono raceway, it’s a great environment to take pics because of all the exciting stuff happening around you. How often do you get to roam freely in the pits of a racetrack? Below are some highlights from last year, how what I was thinking for each shot. It rained…a lot.

My favorite shot

Last year, it not only rained at MPACT, it down poured. Luckily, the garages provided enough shelter for everyone. Aiming out from the garage door, I figured, that by getting low, I could get the rain drops falling as I looked upon a particularly colorful lineup of AutoCouture M3s. The cloudy sky also helps with the mood. This remains not only one of my favorite MPACT shots, but of all my work. Camera settings:

  • Camera: Nikon D5200
  • Lens: 16-80mm Nikon Nikor lens
  • Focal length: 32mm
  • Exposure: 1/25
  • ISO: 100
  • Aperture: f/8

Nothing crazy in post here, just basic color correction and some added contrast.

Rain makes drama

BMW noticed

BMW of North America had a presence at MPACT, and I was able to snap a few shot of the cars on display at their booth. When they needed assets for an email blast to recap the show, some of my stills were used in the design. The sky was a consistent help all day, providing a dark mood and adding lots of drama. Camera settings:

  • Focal length: 25mm
  • Exposure: 1/50
  • ISO: 100
  • Aperture: f/8
BMW of North America used these in promotional emails.

It isn’t just BMW

There were Audis, Supras (isn’t one at every show?), 911s, and GT-Rs galore to join in on the fun. I took some time to snap individual cars that came across as unique.

Audi R8
Other manufacturer brands popped in as well.


911 Turbi
So many P cars


Porsche 911
P car in the rain


Toyota Supra
It wouldn’t be a car show without a Supra


Getting up close, link on this McLaren, can also give interesting results. The light hitting the hip point, combined with rain, was a good opportunity.


Audi R8
Called “Dazzle Camo”, from WW2 battleships, this Audi R8 was beautifully wrapped.


Nissan GT-R
Godzilla always watches.

Get the people

A show this big, with this much action, can provide cool scenes for crowds as well. Whether in the grand stands, garages, or driving, how people interact with the cars around them can make for interesting shots.

M3 driver
An M3 driver gets ready for take-off.


F80 vs E92
A special moment for me, where an identical E92 to my own goes against a Yas Marina F80, a car which was owned by a good friend of mine. Felt classic.


M3 lineup
Can’t have a show without a squad shot.


M3 rain
Rain, rain, go away.

In motion

Part of the charm of this show is that you  get to race your car on the track, and that means a great opportunity to capture some motion. Remember to keep the camera steady, and follow the tips from a previous post.

F10 in motion
BMW M5 F10 in motion


E60 vs E92
On of my favorite shots between two of BMWs most unique M offerings. There will never be another NA V8 or V10 from them.

I’ll be at the event this year in my Machines with Souls shirt, so look for me! I might just grab a shot of your ride.

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