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BMW G80 M3

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The BMW G80 M3 Launch Event in NYC

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After I shot the all-new BMW M3 last week, I was invited by BMW of NYC to an exclusive launch event for the car. Every generation showed up, and fun was had.

The BMW M3 static display

I’ve shot with Louis from BMW of Manhattan before on his Carbon Fiber M2 project car, so he brought me along to cover a special event meant for only an exclusive group of current BMW M3 owners. Every generation was present, from the original E30 through the F80.

Brands are always desperate for this kind of following for a model, so it’s nice to see how organic the following has become for the M3. Everyone invited has a special connection to the car, and everyone was excited to see the new one.

BMW E30 M3
Grand pappie, the E30 M3.
BMW E36 M3
The clean lines of the E36 M3 always stand out.
BMW E46 M3
Louis brought his own personal E46 M3.
BMW E90 M3
Naturally, it had to be Interlagos Blue on the E90 M3.
BMW F80 M3
A special 30 Jahre (30 year) F80 M3.
BMW M3 badges
A study in badges.

The all-new BMW M3 arrival

After walking and talking to various owners, it was time to introduce the all-new G80 M3. Brought up from the vehicles elevator in the dealership garage, the car made a dramatic entrance.

Louis provided a short product demo, and then it was time to experience that car on your own. Though driving it still isn’t officially allowed, there were still plenty of hands-on experience provided by sitting in the car itself.

BMW G80 M3
In all its glory.
BMW G80 M3
Meet and Greet with the new car.
BMW G80 M3
Lou giving a tour of the car.
BMW S58 engine
The new S58 engine replaces the S55.
BMW G80 M3
The arrival.
G80 M3
Everyone was excited to see it.

The Drive

Static displays are awesome, but a cruise lets everyone see what these cars were really meant to do. We started at the dealership on 57th Street, the followed the G80 down the West Side Highway into lower Manhattan.

BMW M3 roller
Father and son.
Through the tunnel into lower Manhattan.
BMW M3 roller
Sometimes you get lucky. I couldn’t have framed this shot any better.
BMW E38 7 Series roller
The classic E38 7 Series made a cameo. It’s one of my favorite BMWs.
BMW M3 roller
A lowered F80.
BMW M3 roller
The E30 rolling down the highway.

We ended in lower Manhattan, under the beautiful cityscape. Whatever you might think of the new G80 M3, there is no doubt that it fits among the other storied generations of this car.

A special thank you to Louis and BMW of NYC for setting this up, to BMMR for the goodies, and HALCYON for covering video.

BMW M3 generations
The gang’s all here.

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