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The BMW Spring M cruise, and a new M event

The BMW Spring M Cruise is a small event that brings together M cars of all years for a drive down to the Jersey shore.


Pop up meets are small car meets that provide short notice and thus a small but manageable crowd. The BMW Spring M Cruise was just such an event, as about 15 of us met in Old Bridge and cruised down the shore to Sandy Hook.

The Fall Cruise is a difficult event to pull off each year, and getting harder with some of the antics that occur. This spring drive was only promoted on my mailing list, forgoing social media and forum blast outs.

If you joined, I think you for attending. As usual, the best part of these events isn’t so much the cruise but the conversation afterward.

Now, I’d like to announce a new summer event…

BMW Spring M Cruise gallery

Spring M Cruise
We started in Old Bridge, about a half-hour from Sandy Hook.
Spring M Cruise
Spring M Cruise
Always nice to lead the parade.
Spring M Cruise
About 15 BMWs arrive in style.
Spring M Cruise Spring M Cruise
Spring M Cruise
G8X takeover.
Spring M Cruise

The Times Square Run

For the next meet, I’d like to introduce an idea that I’ve had for quite some time – the Times Square Run.

When is it?

Sunday, June 11th, 2023, at 6:00AM.


We’ll meet in the familiar spot of Edgewater, New Jersey, at the Starbucks we always do:

Starbucks, 457 River Road Edgewater Commons, Edgewater, NJ 07020

We’ll wait here until 6:30 AM, then depart for New York City.

What’s the route?

Here is the route we’ll take, and below is a map:

See the directions on Google Maps.

We’ll head over the Lincoln Tunnel, through the Forrest of swirly twirly…wait, wrong movie. We’ll head over the tunnel, then through Times Square to the eastern side of the island. From there, it’s the FDR to the Brooklyn Bridge, over the Verrazzano Bridge, and finally end at Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island. There is a large parking lot and beautiful views to enjoy.

Why so early?

I realize I’m asking quite a lot of everyone to meet at 6AM on a Sunday. But if you can motivate yourself, we should be treated to open roads through Manhattan.

Who’s invited?

As always, this is M-car themed but anyone can enjoy.

Be careful

99% of driver’s are respectful and kind, but New York City does not mess around. They now have speeding camera set up in school zones (which is everywhere) running 24/7. Yours truly received a ticket for going ONE (1) MPH over the limit, so please be aware that the city sees us as their personal ATM.

Sign me up!

Sure, please add your name to the list here:

Sign up here

See you there!

Want your car reviewed?

If you live in the tri-state area and want me to check it out, send me an email!

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I use Nikon camera bodies and lenses, a Westcott Ice Light 2, Manfrotto tripod, B + W filters and an iMac Pro to make the art you see here.

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