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The G8X car show is happening

It's the big G8X car show, where we all gather in New York for a chance to grab some great automotive content.


If you have a G, you can ride with me. Let’s have a big G8X car show and give everyone the chance to grab some great automotive content.

When: Saturday, September 2nd, 2023. 4:30PM.

Where: Floyd Bennett Field, meeting at the old Sea Plane Launch parking area.

Who: G8Xs, but all BMWs are welcome.

Cruise: Meet at the Jon Bon Jovi Service area in South Amboy, New Jersey at 3:15PM. We will depart at 3:30 for Brooklyn.

Cruise route: From the Parkway, we’ll head through Staten Island. Should be about an hour ride. Check the route here.

The event is free.

I’m selecting FBF because it features a gigantic, wide open area for all of us to park, move around, and get some G8X automotive content. It also offers a chance to get everyone together for a big group pic. How many colors can we get?

As always, driving like an idiot will not get you an invite to the next event. My tolerance for stupidity is lower than ever, so please be responsible and drive safely. The park itself is an old air base, and the police are stationed right there, so silliness will draw unwanted attention.

I hope to see you there!

Want your car reviewed?

If you live in the tri-state area and want me to check it out, send me an email! 

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I use Nikon camera bodies and lenses, a Westcott Ice Light 2, Manfrotto tripod, B + W filters and an iMac Pro to make the art you see here.

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