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The Z4, the M3 CS and the M2 with M Performance Parts

It's a mailbag on the new BMW Z4 shooting brake concept, along with the M3 CS and M2 M Performance live at Thompson BMW Cars & Coffee.


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Welcome to Friday, where you get a question about the new Z4 and some coverage from the Thompson BMW Cars & Coffee event in the form of an M3 CS and M2 walk around.

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Mike, I love the Z4 (I know, I’m in the minority), but that shooting brake concept had me calling my local dealer.

Please tell me it’s coming here. That you know of a secret other publications do not?!

– Adam


Adam is referring to the the BMW Concept Touring Coupé, which is a take on a hardtop Z4. Think modern Z3 clown shoe and you’ll get the idea.

What’s different on the BMW Concept Touring Coupé?

Another cool concept that won’t make it here. Photo: BMW

It takes the bones of a Z4 M40i and adds a hatchback. Looks cool, if a bit forced. I think this is water in the desert. People are so hungry for these things that any one will do.

Does look nice though, especially the interior, which is what a car like the M8 deserves but never received. The Z4 also gets some fetching wheels – almost Alpina style. I dig them.

Will they ever bring BMW Concept Touring Coupé to the US?

Photo: BMW

There’s no confirmation the car will be made, period. But if they do, I highly doubt it would ever come here. It’s not an M car, and the Z4 isn’t a big seller here to begin with. In fact, it’s on its way out once this generation is over. A final nail in the coffin is the Supra, which for all intent is already a hardtop Z4.

If you’d like my advice, it would be to go get a GT4 before they are all gone. It’s so far beyond the Z4 in every regard.

Photo: BMW
This might be the most beautiful interior on any G BMW. Photo: BMW

Sorry Adam. If it makes you feel any better, I hear there is a strong possibility of an M5 wagon coming for the next generation.

Anyway, onto two cars are are very much alive here in the States.

The G87 M2 with M Performance Parts at Thompson BMW

M2 with M Performance Parts
Fran, flair me.

Last weekend I was at the Thompson Performance Group’s Cars and Coffee event, and BMW USA showed up with an M2 outfitted with the entire M Performance Parts catalog, along with an M3 CS.

If I may…

  • The M2 looks nothing like the M3, unlike the F generation. This is carried over into the M Performance Parts selection.
  • Some of this is cool. The decals add a nice touch, along with the carried over M3 exhaust and for the first time I can remember, a hoop-style spoiler on a BMW.
  • Some of this is getting a bit out of hand – the carbon fiber “comb” along the rear wheel arches? A red tow hook even though BMW will void your warranty if you track your M?
  • Still needs to have the lower front intake painted body color.

Judge for yourself if you need these for your M2. But the price will no doubt be high.

M2 M Performance Parts
The combs are a bit much.
M2 M Performance Parts
M2 M Performance Parts
Tow hooks make cars look like they are wagging tongues.
M2 M Performance Parts
I like the decal work on a light-colored car.


Looks very similar to a normal G80 M3.

My hero car, and the one I’d like to emulate as I build my own. This is the first time I’m seeing a CS in the flesh, so have I succeeded?

  • This M3 CS has the same carbon lip as the M3 CSL, even though images show it with a thinner canard in Europe
  • This car also had M Performance Parts on it in the form of lower rocker panels and rear winglets like I just installed. They look nearly identical (perhaps the weave is a bit tighter), so you really don’t gain much with the M parts aside from a lighter wallet.
  • Michelin Sport Cup tires on very nice gold CS wheels. Perhaps I’ll go in this direction for wheels.
  • Carbon ceramic brakes with red calipers, a nice touch.
  • The car has a revised suspension and titanium exhaust, so they did not swap out M Performance Parts there.

Overall, I think we’re just splitting hairs – put those tires on a regular G8X and the results would be very close. You will get a thumbs up from me in this car, but without the stick, you miss something from the driving experience.

I love these wheels – but imagine cleaning them!
Red badges are a nice touch.
The car was outfitted with the M Performance Carbon kit.
Perhaps one day, I’ll do a carbon hood.

Thompson BMW Cars & Coffee Gallery

Thompson BMW
Thompson BMW
A rainy day meant I washed for nothing.
Thompson BMW
Strong G8X lineup.
Thompson BMW
Thompson BMW
With all the done-up regular G8Xs, the CSL looks somewhat tame.
Thompson BMW
Lot’s of non-BMWs as well.
Thompson BMW
Thompson BMW
There’s always that one guy…
Thompson BMW
I just loved this color, anyone know the name?
Thompson BMW Thompson BMW
Thompson BMW
If this is your car, no problem, but if this is not your car, please control your children.

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