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The BMW G8X M3 and M4 encyclopedia

I have a ton of experience with the BMW G8X M3 and M4, so I've compiled all the links and stories I've produced on the car so far.


This isn’t a typical article for the site, but I had recently received an email asking me to compile all the information I had on the BMW G8X M3 and M4 platform (many want info on a specific item in the car, or where to buy, etc). Of course I have my own, but I’ve also been around more G8Xs than anyone else on the planet, aside from the people that actually build them (not making that up).

I’ll update this article continually as I experience life with my own car.

Seeing the BMW G8X M3 and M4 for the first time

The first time I saw a G80, it was in Isle of Man Green.

UDE events are always fun, but I got to see the BMW G8X M3 and M4 up close for the first time at the Ultimate Driving Event in New Jersey in August of 2020.

I took an early stab at fixing the nose too.

The original G80 M3 review


I was among the first to get my hands on a pre-production model from BMW of North America, and I took it for a spin in New York City with AMMONYC.

How I spec’d my G80 M3


I order one for myself, these are the specs.

Tracking your BMW

The elaborate process of building and tracking your own BMW is thrilling to watch, but tortuous to wait for.

Shooting at the BMW Performance Center (East and West)


The BMW G8X M3 and M4 are featured heavily at the schools.

Picking up a BMW G8X M3 and M4 at the Performance Center


It’s the only way to take delivery.

The 1,200 mile break-in


Picking up the M3 at the PDC allowed me to break the car in relatively quickly. These are some of the things I noticed right off the bat.

The BMW G8X M3 and M4 buyer’s guide

M3 buyer's guide

This is the one you want if you’re thinking of taking the plunge yourself.

The Comparisons

BMW M3 generations

Just how well does the G8X stack up against:

What’s it like to own a G8X?


I gather up a few owners and spill the beans about our rides.

I also head to AMMO NYC for a proper wash with the car one year into ownership.

The G8X invasion of New York City


A bunch of us decide to go into Times Square for some photo ops. A scene was made.


Speaking of NYC, the Performance Center sent me one of theirs for a few days of shenanigans in the city.

The mods


Since I can’t leave well-enough alone, I start to tinker with the car by adding what I think are the best intake and exhaust for the G8X.

There’s also the M Performance Suspension.

And the Bayoptics CSL DRLs.

I had done panel filters before the Armaspeed intake. And though it’s not a mod, I wash it a lot. Here’s how I do it.

Here’s how to delete the Shadowline Trim.

And how to install new fender gills.

How to upgrade the engine bay with parts from IND.

How to install BMW badges

Upgrading the interior of the M3.

And how to fix the G8X’s nose.

Maybe the M4 Convertible is the best version of the car?

M4 convertible

Might just be. Bring plenty of sun for this review.

The adventures continue! I will update this page continuously, and it’ll remain on the home page.

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