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Talk Me Out Of It: 2018 Mercedes AMG E63 S Wagon

The AMG E63 S Wagon is the forgotten German wagon, and one is up for sale. Can you walk by a BMW M5 or Audi RS 6 for one?


Ok ok, I get it. Don’t touch M cars that have already been touched. 72% of you say “stay away” from the M2 with red and blue. This week we have a theme, and it’s called “Haul your entire life at warp speed”. You might not be able to buy them for much longer, so let’s find the rarest of them all, a Mercedes AMG E63 S Wagon. Yum.

2018 Mercedes AMG E63 S Wagon

Those dealer pictures are terrible, so instead you get stock photos. Photo: Mercedes.

See the listing here.

Wagons are endangered. They have been for awhile. That might explain why there are only 20 available examples of this Mercedes nationwide – that includes all years.

If you want a sedan, easy, you can grab them all day long for $10k less (or more if you really shop around). And you might think “Special car. Miles kept down.” But that’s missing the point of a car like this. Let’s take a peek:

  • 87,216 miles
  • Three owners
  • Lived in Alabama, Florida and California. This Merc comes with its own passport.
  • The high (ish) price of $66,990
  • The correct V-8. None of that V-6 crap here.
  • Proper blue/white color scheme

This is an awesome car. A wagon with a drift mode setting, a 0-60 time of 3 seconds flat, and the ability to pull a full G on the skid pad, the E63 AMG wagon could have me baiting Corvettes and M5s at every stoplight.

Mercedes sells perhaps 40 of these per year. It’s their lowest-volume car sold in the United States, and it will be dead by the end of the year. The fact that a reputable Porsche dealer is selling only helps the cause.

What to look for in a Mercedes AMG E63 S Wagon

Looks good from behind too. Photo: Mercedes

This is the W213 generation. There aren’t enough wagons for a true sample case, but we can look to the E63 AMG sedan, which has identical running gear.

I must be honest, this is actually a very reliable car. As in, Toyota-levels of reliable. Check this list, which I really had to hunt for:

  • The windshield wipers might stop working
  • The passenger airbag may not deploy (recalled)
  • Front seat welding may fail (recalled)
  • Seat belt tensioner (again, recalled)
  • Oil lines for the engine may leak (yup, recalled)

Now don’t go in my inbox hot, telling me this is crap and Mercedes are overly complex cars like other German brands. This is true, but perhaps the Mercedes AMG E63 S Wagon caters to a group of people that take care of the car. It’s certainty well-built.

High price, high class

Inside, it’s typical Mercedes, and typical beauty. Photo: Mercedes

We’ve come to the part of the article where I talk about the “catch”, and perhaps plucking down nearly $70,000 for a car with 87,000 miles seems foolish. That’s pretty much new X3 M money, which also comes with a warranty and that new car smell. This W213 might whiff of wet dog for all we know.

As the mailbag said Friday, wagons are cool, rare, and dying quickly. Mercedes has already admitted that all wagons will be gone by 2030, the AMG E 63 S will be gone by the time the calendar says 2024.

With such high mileage, we can justify using it as a daily driver without fear of financial ruin. Even run into the ground, I’m willing to bet the price never goes below $20,000.

No accidents, service records, bullet proof reliability, and rarity. What could possibly go wrong. Want to talk me out of it?

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