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The Taycan Turbo GT, and some hate mail

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I reviewed a Taycan this week, and that bare bones spec made me wonder if a Taycan T would be a feasible thing. Well, Porsche went the opposite direction. Think GT3, but electric – Taycan Turbo GT!

It’s fair to say I’m quite fond of the car, electric or not. Perhaps it’s not for everyone, though I’m not sure why. To prove my point, here’s a rather aggressive DM (that’s direct message) that I received in regards to my review. I’ve decided to leave the language in there. Really adds to the flavor.

Keep in mind, I have no idea who this person is…

“Hey fuckface. The Taycan is a garbage car. Don’t be sad that someone with a turbo knows more than you based on a 5 minute test drive. Just because you spent a few minutes test driving your friends cars doesn’t validate your opinion so you can test drive their cars again. Twat. Calling a page souls and raves about one of the most soulless cars in the Porsche lineup.”

– TJ

Far be it from me to give internet trolls a platform, but I’m a reasonable person. So let’s address TJ’s concerns. His Instagram shows he has a Panamera (so I’m sure he’s not bias), which I also recently drove.

“The Taycan is a garbage car.”

No Porsche I can think of can ever be described of as garbage, certainly not two of their newer creations. Here’s the inside of a Panamera:

Porsche Panamera

And here’s the inside of a Taycan:

Porsche Taycan

The Taycan has a few more screens, and it’s missing some options like a leather dash, but everything you can get in the Panamera is available on the Taycan. On the exterior, styling is subjective, but I think the Taycan looks better in sedan or wagon form.

They both look like a Porsche to me.

With both cars sharing such a similar design, I think it’s fair to say that if the Taycan is garbage, so is the Panamera, eh?

Debunked. Next.

“Raves about one of the most soulless cars in the Porsche lineup.”

Porsche Panamera
Not to pick on this car, but I don’t think it drove as nicely as the Taycan.

I think this is an important point – a car’s soul is not tied to an engine.

If given the choice, would I pick a Taycan over a 718 GT4? Of course not. Would I love the Taycan more if it had a flat-six inside it?


You’re not saving the planet in one, so you might as well have fun.

The good bits of the car aren’t tied to just the powertrain. Its perfect steering response is at least on par with gas-powered cars, and better than many. Its even handling and superb balance are partially because the battery is flat and located on the floor. All of this allows you to forget you’re in an electric car, and simply in a car. BMW, Kia – no one else has figured out how to do it like Porsche yet.

Porsche Taycan
This is just a fun car.

As for that engine, nothing will sound like a a flat-six at 8,000 RPM, I understand that. But I’m not using the Taycan on weekend drives or for track time (though you could). Instead, it would shuttle me to work in traffic, take my kids to school, and perhaps allow me to have some fun and take the long way home on occasion. And maybe I like those Star Trek sound effects.

If we all said no to new things, we’d still be on horseback.

In my review, I mentioned that not all engines are worth saving, and that includes the V-6 in the Panamera.

“Doesn’t validate your opinion…”

Porsche Taycan
Larry had one – can’t be that bad.

No one has complained about a review yet, but to our rowdy friend I simply say: build your own platform, and you too can have an opinion about cars.

What’s the difference between Car & Driver, Doug DeMuro, and myself?


Am I allowed to be excited about the Taycan Turbo GT?

Wow this looks good in Sky Purple.

This thing looks amazing, reaches 60 in 2.1 seconds, and can hit 190 mph, which is quite a feat for a 4,500-pound electric car. Along with a facelift across the entire Taycan range, this car gets:

  • 1,019 horsepower
  • 157 pounds less than the Turbo model, mostly thanks to a carbon fiber slab replacing the rear seats.
  • Faster than a Tesla Model S Plaid around the Nürburgring.
  • It sounds like a TIE Fighter.
  • Weissach cars get a different front diffuser, deflectors beneath the body, and a big wing that combines with the other aero components to create 485 pounds of downforce.
  • That purple is awesome
  • Pirelli Trofeo RS summer tires
  • “Attack mode,” a feature that unlocks 160 horsepower for what I can only imagine feels like the boost zone in F-ZERO.

Without the Weissach package, the comfort features like a back seat remains. You don’t get the cool spoiler though. I’ve no doubt it feels like a Taycan, but with an F-14 turbofan bolted to the back. What’s not to like? It better be awesome – a $230,000 price makes it ultra exclusive.

But this is Porsche.


Which brings me to my point. If you’re in a Taycan Turbo GT on the Nürburgring, you’re going to be screaming your head off. The limits of electric cars remain here too – poor range, inconvenience to charge, the false perception that you’re saving the planet.

The fun remains too though. That ‘Ring run looks like a riot. Not every electric car is special, but this one has a soul.

I bet it can get TJ to anger management classes pretty quickly.

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