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The 2020 recap

Just like everyone else on the planet, 2020 has been a year to remember for me. Thankfully, shooting cars is something that can be done safely outside, so there were still plenty of amazing vehicles to get a good look at through my lens. Here’s a 2020 recap! 1 – BMW M School Yes, I… Read More »

Shooting the garage sequence at MPACT

Last week, I went into the sunset sequence on Sue’s beautiful BMW M2 during MPACT 2019, and this week, I’ll cover the garage portion of the shoot. It’s the same principal concept with multiple exposures, but takes more practice because of the differences in light. I’ll go over one of the harder shots to do,… Read More »

How I shot the BMW M2 at Pocono Raceway

It’s fun to shoot M cars like this BMW M2 in different environments; after all, the mantra of these cars is that you can literally race it during the day and pick up your date with it that night. They all have dual personalities. We always focus on the outside world because that’s what we… Read More »

How I shot MPACT 2018

MPACT is the largest BMW show on the east coast, a place where you can not only show your car, but race it. Taking place at Pocono raceway, it’s a great environment to take pics because of all the exciting stuff happening around you. How often do you get to roam freely in the pits… Read More »