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MPACT 2021 recap

Walk the ground of Pocono Raceway for MPACT 2021, the largest BMW show on the east coast. Also, mega gallery of cars seen through my lens.

BMW E92 M3

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Oh yes, MPACT! I’ve closed down the track, shot in the rain, and lived through the 2020 show (and trying to leave) in a pandemic. What did 2021 have in store, aside from my Performance Center M3? Let’s see.

The morning

Roll racing is part of what makes MPACT so special versus a regular car show. The chance to (safely) line up against your friends means you can take home bragging rights, or just share a good laugh.

BMW M340i
The M340i is fast enough to put some older M cars away.
E90 M3
Helmets are a must, so they must be fashionable.
Getting ready on the grid.
BMW M cars
The back up the line.
Jay’s own turbocharged E46 M3.
E46 M3
It’s a long straightaway down, even in pit lane.
E90 M3
Ready. Set…
The starting line for pit lane.
Apex wheels were common for the more serious racers.

The booths

It’s a show sponsored by BMW shop Autocouture, but plenty of vendors show up at MPACT.

E92 M3
Still love these things.
Autocouture M3
This G80 is the shop’s own ride, being used to test different aftermarket parts.
E92 M3
One of my favorite E9Xs, HULKING M3 is really well done, clean ,and in a special color.
BMW Performance Center M3
I hope you stopped by the booth if you attended.
BMMR brand m4
BMMR brand has awesome apparel.
BBS booth
The BBS booth. I love wide-body M4s.

Let’s Race!

Time for some panning shots!

F82 M4
Across the line!
E92 M3
One of my favorite shots from this year, they had the driver’s do a slow outlap to check out the layout and where to go.
G80 M3
Stunning color sitting in the pits.
G80 M3
Almost got this color…
Mercedes MPACT
What’s this doing here?

Let’s Drift!

As drifting has become more popular, MPACT has since added a drifting portion. Pro drifters take people for drift laps around a figure 8 circuit set up off to the side.

240SX drift
240SX drift
The Nissan drew a crowd. There was also an E36.

Static cars

Just a few shots of some rides.

F82 M4
I shot Nicole’s F82 back in March for the M4 history shoot.
BMW 3 Series F80 M3 BMW M cars F80 M3
E92 and F30
By coincidence, my “colors” from both my old cars parked next to each other.

Black and white

I don’t often retouch in black and white. I hate losing the color, but something about these shots makes them feel more intimate in B&W.

F82 M4 E9X M3 BMW M2 BMW E36 M3

If you went, I hope you had a great time. See you all next year at MPACT 2022!

Shout out to Jay for giving me total access!

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