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Meet my new BMW G80 M3

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It took 6 months, but it’s finally here! Picking it up with a special Performance Center Delivery, let’s meet my new 2022 G80 M3, and see what makes it just a bit different from a typical G80 you might see.

Didn’t you order a 2021 G80 M3?

I did. But BMW could not keep up with demand, and by the time my order went through, the model year changed to 2022.

Any difference from a ’21?

This worked out in my favor. Icon Adaptive Laser Lights are now a stand-alone option, instead of being part of the Executive Package. I saw no need for a HUD (which I never liked on my 335), an electronic trunk lid, or Gesture Control (which works, even when you don’t want it to). A heated steering wheel might have been nice, but I often wear driving gloves.

BMW G80 M3
Ordering a 2022 means I could option laser headlights as a standalone item.

Did the car have anything missing?

The chip shortage means that no G80 M3 will have wireless charging for 2022. Since I didn’t order the Exec Package, this had no affect.

I was part of build week 27 (built during the 27th week of the year), and some friends who were with me on the production line were held up due to a parking camera issue. This had to be fixed at the VPC in port, causing a delay for some. Again, I did not order the Parking Assist Package, so I was ok.

BMW M3 Sedan

What do you have in there?

I opted for Front-Ventilated seats, red brake calipers (a no-cost change from blue or black), and 19″/20″ M Double-spoke bi-color wheels, style 825M with performance non run-flat tires (I got lucky and received Michelins). Inside, it’s the base sport seats with Carbon Fiber trim. You know how I feel about those M Buckets by now.

It’s worth mentioning that BMW did a really nice job on the CF trim inside by carrying it over to the steering wheel. This negates the need to put on an M Performance Wheel, in my opinion.

BMW 825M wheels
I love these 825M bi-color wheels, and there wasn’t even a close second option.

What makes your G80 M3 different?

If you go back to my E92, you’ll notice I did NOT option the carbon roof. I thought it looked better body color and enjoyed the sunroof more.

On this M3, I did select the carbon roof, but the styling of the G80 is already pretty busy, and when you add the Carbon Exterior package, AND the Extended Shadowline Trim, it makes it even busier. Even the headlights can be blacked out if desired.

As a result, I got things like a body-color rear spoiler and side mirrors. The base model means I get a chrome trunk badge instead of black, along with chrome tail pipes instead of polished black ones. If I could have, I would have gotten rid of the shadowline trim along the entire bottom of the car.

Add in the fact that most G80s so far come with those difficult to clean black Comp wheels as oppose to my bi-color 825Ms, and the bright work on my M3 helps it stand apart. It might be old school, but I think it’s cleaner.

BMW G80 M3
The car sits reasonably low with the adaptive suspension.
BMW lip spoiler
Base models still get the mini-ducktail style lip.
BMW G80 M3
Also picked up was a Toronto Red M4 Competition.

Will you mod it?

I think it needs some basic things like window tints. And it will no doubt have the AMMO regiment applied. Otherwise, look for an exhaust after the break-in period.

Not many parts are available for the car yet, so we’ll see what comes out.

Kyalami Orange
Kyalami Orange interior offsets the blue nicely.

Where did you pick it up?

I chose to take delivery at the BMW Performance Center. I’ll review this entire experience in a later post, but it was awesome as always.

I drove it home from South Carolina to New Jersey, and in doing so ate up most of the break-in mileage.

BMW M3 Seat Badge
These light up when you open the door.

Where will you take it?

Everywhere! It’s my daily, so to speak. It’ll be with me on shoots, shown at car shows, and enjoyed on back roads. Come see it at the 2021 Fall Cruise!

The Big thank you

I can’t make art without cars, and I didn’t get this car without help. Thanks to Danny Wong at Circle BMW for amazing customer service and making this wait as painless as possible.

Thanks to the BMW Performance Center for prepping the car and letting me have the run of the place for a few hours.

Thanks to RITTA CEO Koryn Schermer for setting up my PDC shoot.

Thanks to my family for allowing me to chase my passion every day.

Finally, thank you readers. Making this blog is a labor of love, and it’s awesome to see you all help bring it to life.

Let’s go for a drive!

I can’t believe it’s finally here…

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