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What are the best BMW G80 M3 colors?

What are some of the best G80 M3 colors? That depends on taste, but I can tell you a few that you should avoid.


I’m not sure why, but perhaps the number one question emailed to me is “Mike, what color should I pick for my BMW?!”. It might be mixed in with a bunch of other things, but it’s in there. Color is such a subjective thing, but a recent event held in Fort Lee, New Jersey, provided a full range of hues. Perhaps there is no best G80 M3 color, but I can tell you a few that I might avoid.

Now seems like a good time to point out a new feature on the site – the gallery pages. If you’d just like to stare at shots and not words, click on the “view photos” button over each image. Be gentle, it’s my first time coding it.

Please keep in mind, I love your color as long as you love your color, okay? Even Ruby Star. You must pay upwards of $4,000 to paint your car a unique shade from BMW Individual.

#5 G80 M3 color to avoid: Brooklyn Grey

Brooklyn Grey
Brooklyn Grey

Right off the bat, I go after one of the most popular colors BMW makes.

There are…*counts on fingers*…four! Brooklyn Grey BMWs of all shapes and sizes in my suburban development alone. The M3 looks great in it, and when the car came out, the color was new and fresh. Since then, BMW has added the swatch to almost single car they make.

Hard to feel special when I see Grandma comin’ ’round the bend in her 330i in BK…

Instead, try Dravit grey

Dravit Grey M4
A Dravit Grey M4.

#4 G80 M3 color to avoid: Isle of Man Green

Isle Of Man Green
Isle Of Man Green

BMW never ever gets their launch color wrong – that’s the color they choose for the car when its introduced to the public. And I admit, I almost painted mine this color as well, but something told me everyone would pick it. Sure enough – it’s one out of every three.

This color does have something going for it: it’s only on the M3 and M4. Oh, and the X5 M and X6 M, but still, not bad company to keep.

Instead, try British Racing Green or Boston Green

British Racing Green
British Racing Green

#3 G80 M3 color to avoid: Techno Violet, or just purple

Techno Violet
Techno Violet

Purple?! Yes – for a few reasons.

Again, BMW is up to its antics with the availability of colors on cars. In this case, the M240i has a new shade called Thundernight Metallic, and I love it. But it’s so close to Techno that it pains my heart to have to pay $4,000 more for it on an M3.

The G80 is also a big car, and in some colors the heft is more visible. Purple hues tend to be less forgiving.

Instead, if you must purple, try Velvet Orchid

Velvet Orchid
Velvet Orchid

#2 G80 M3 color to avoid: Portimao Blue

Portimao Blue
Portimao Blue

Another color proliferated throughout the BMW lineup. Remember how Estoril Blue was for the F30, and not the F80? Seems the special treatment is over. My heart dips like I knew it would each time I see a 230i with an M Sport Package in my color.

Perhaps a saving grace is that, because PB was available on other cars before the M3 (unlike Brooklyn), I believe not many M3 guys ordered it. That means that at car shows, I rarely see myself. It’s the real world that’s a problem.

Instead, try San Marino Blue or Atlantis Blue

Atlantis Blue
Atlantis Blue

And the #1 color to avoid is…Sao Paulo Yellow

Sao Paulo Yellow

This is a free color choice, believe it or not – no Metallic.

But in this case, free isn’t for me. Sao Paulo is a difficult color that really clashes with the black lower trim on these cars. Interior colors that work well are also limited to black or that odd Sao Paulo/Blue combination. If you want loud, I can think of far better options for the M3 than what is literally highlighter yellow.

Instead, try Verde Mantis or Fire Orange

Fire Orange
Fire Orange

That’s my deal – the car looks terrific in Red (not that popular), and darker frozen shades. But whatever color you select, make sure it’s what you want and not what the dealer has available.

Waiting for the right color can help you fall in love <3.

The Fort Lee M3 Meetup

BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 E92 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 E92 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3 BMW G80 M3

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