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How to install floating BMW center wheel caps

Here's the best way to install floating BMW center wheel caps. Grab some 3M tape and new caps - nothing else is needed.


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When installing a new part I always like to search online for directions or “hacks” (what a terrible term). But this time, I found a lot of bad advice for installing floating BMW center wheel caps. So, let’s do it together with some pics.

What you’ll need to install floating BMW center wheel caps

Whether you’re replacing your current caps because they’ve worn, or you want to install the floating ones, it’s not hard.

But first, please know BMW changed the size on new models, so on my G80 M3 it needs the 112mm diameter, which is here.

BMW floating center caps
The G80 needs the 112mm version.

Next, you’ll need double-sided 3M tape. Make sure it’s the wider kind, like this.

3M tape
Basic 3M double-sided tape will do.

Know what you don’t need? A screw driver or blade to try and pry the old ones off. No reason to damage your wheel. You also don’t need to take the entire wheel off.

Finally, it’s best to do these on clean wheels, or at least clean center caps if you care about the old ones.

Without further ado…

How to install floating BMW center wheel caps

3M tape
Cut a six-inch piece of tape.
3M tape
Fold it into a T shape. Leave about a two-inch piece sticking up so you can grab onto it.
BMW floating center caps
Stick the tape on the old cap that’s installed, then pull firmly. It will pop right out. Repeat for the other three wheels. Once piece of tape will work for all.
BMW floating center caps
My originals are still in good shape, so I saved them just in case.
BMW floating center caps
The new ones pop in with a firm press.

That’s all there is. Using a screw driver could cause damage, and you absolutely don’t need to take off the wheel. Another example of bringing out the details in my M3 build.

BMW floating center caps
Now they will always self-center on the wheel, regardless of position.

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