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How to install BMW badges

I install new iND BMW badges on my G80 M3, and show you how to put on both front and rear emblems with the BMW badge installation guide.


No doubt you’ve seen a BMW out and about with unique Roundel badges. There are multiple options to choose from, but they all have the same installation process, so today I’ll show you how to remove the original badges on your BMW and replace them with this BMW badge installation guide.

Where I got my BMW badges

All modern BMWs use the same front badge, but the rear can differ depending on whether or not you have the Parking Distance Package (a larger badge hides the rear camera).

I’m going to swap my original badges for a set of black-painted roundels from IND. These subtle but beautiful badges ditch the chrome surround for gloss black and add a nice touch to an M car.

I got the idea from Ram’s F80. Though BMW makes 50th anniversary badges, my car is not a MY23, so it did not feel authentic to add them to mine. I think these are cleaner.

BMW F80 M3
A subtle but nice change.

These took three months to receive, so expect a long lead time. They are hand painted and beautifully finished, making it is worth the wait.

What you’ll need

This isn’t difficult, but patience is required to ensure you don’t mar your paint. You’ll need:

Before you start, I recommend giving the car a wash. You’ll be touching the paint, so it’s best to have it clean and dirt-free.

When I took the badges out of the packaging, I noticed what looked like white scratches. IND said this was simply dried polish, and sure enough, it came right off with a microfiber towel. If you see it on your set, try rubbing it off before panicking.

Removing and installing the front BMW Badge

BMW badge installation
Begin by applying painter’s tape around the entire badge.
BMW badge installation
Use a bit of heat from your heat gun, then take your smaller trim tools and gently pry up around the entire badge edge.
BMW badge installation
The bumper is flexible, and it should easily adjust to aid you in prying.
BMW badge installation
Once off, take your adhesive remover and clean up any remaining residue. Then, use isopropyl alcohol to clean the surface. Remove the tape.
BMW badge installation
Remove the tape backing off the new badge.
BMW badge installation
Sometimes these rubber nipples get stuck on the old badge. Just slip them off and slide on the new badge.
BMW badge installation
Pop in the new badge, and hold for 30 seconds to ensure a tight fit. Clean up with some spray wax.

Removing and installing the rear BMW Badge

The rear is just a bit more difficult, as we’re working with metal as oppose to plastic. The same steps still apply.

BMW badge installation
Ensure the surface is clean.
BMW badge installation
It’s important to tape the entire circumference. As you lift one side, it digs in the opposite edge.
BMW badge installation
Even with heat, I needed more leverage, so I propped up the trim tool with a microfiber towel.
BMW badge installation
Off! You can see the remaining glue from the factory. Sometimes the nipples stay in the car.
BMW badge installation
Be thorough with cleaning. If any residue is left, the new badge won’t stick as well.
BMW badge installation
Slip off the backing on the new badge.
BMW badge installation
Slides right in. It’s impossible to install it incorrectly, as the holes and pins only line up one way.
BMW badge installation
A subtle but nice improvement.

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