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The car community can do good things

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E30 M3

Sometimes the car community is just so…ugh. I dare not go on forums anymore. People on social media are always looking for fights. My opinion is trash. All that. Well, the boys at J&B Body Works put on a great exotic car show that demonstrated when we want it to be, the car community is a pretty incredible place.

What does car community even mean?

J&B’s hand-painted MINI.

Sometimes I cringe when I hear that term. We live in communities – it has a hospital, police station and schools. But there is no “car” town on a map (I’d live there if such a place existed). And lately, I’ve come across more people looking to line their pockets or enhance their social fame by standing on the backs of others. Not much of a community feel there.

But it can mean other things. I’ve had friends come over and help me wrench at 8 at night, and I’ve done the same for them. Every shop owner I’ve come across has always been eager to help, long after the bill is paid. Some places on the internet still want to assist, I hope this site being one of them.


And like other communities, we all have our clicks. A car show is like a high school hallway – just stand in the middle and observe, you’ll find the cool kids eventually. Cats and dogs rarely intermingle.

But when we have a good reason to…

Friends of Karen

So beautiful inside.

In this case, the cause was Friends of Karen, a charity that will help families through difficult times if their child is sick. J&B organized the show on the charity’s behalf, and since they are an exotic body shop, they brought exotic car show friends.

They invited me and the G80 along, a kind gesture because the G80 was a wallflower next to some of these beauties. Participants donated to be a part of the event, and the show raised over $50,000.

Make way for the king.
Aston Martin

I’ve had life-altering events happen to me. It’s a lonely, frustrating time. I hope Friends of Karen eases the burden a bit for affected families.

Making things exotic


Don’t get me wrong. I love seeing 100 M cars lined up. But it’s nice to branch out a bit, and J&B really delivered. Super rare Vettes and Mustangs, Ferraris, Porsches, 60’s muscle cars, Aston Martins, and yes, some BMWs (but good ones like an M5 CS). There was even a Mark IV Supra, because it’s just not a car show without family.

These are the best shows – seeing a brand new Aston Martin Vantage next to a 1969 Impala, next to a Porsche 911 GT3 RS – it was a high-quality turnout. Owners are stereotypical, so you could always tell who owned what car, from the Ferrari shoes to the Corvette Jacket, but I love that kind of stuff. We should all be proud.


You know what I see what I walk through a show like this? A lot of hard work that’s manifested itself into someone’s dream sheet metal.

The star? That would be a two-million-dollar Bugatti Chiron. I’ve never seen one in person, and it left an impression. Wonder if they give out those as press cars…


Be inspired

An exotic car show such as this one can easily become a silly event. Burnouts leaving the parking lot. Insane revs. The disgusting smell of weed everywhere. How refreshing to see absolutely none of that here. J&B put on a great show, and I look forward to going next year.

And the cars themselves? Worth it for the 2 hour drive. Everyone was happy, music blasting from the DJ booth, sunny weather.

As I walked back to my car, a young teen, maybe 16 or so, stood in front of my M3 and glared at the hood.

“This is so nice. Dream spec right here.”

He had no idea what I’d done to the car, or how much horsepower goes to the wheels. He just loved the car. It’s those kind of interactions I find to be most genuine.

Perhaps one day he’ll be able to become a helpful member of the car community as well.

J&B Exotic Car Show Gallery

G80 M3
Rare to see a non-Comp model with bright headlights.
McLaren McLaren Poorsche 911 Poorsche 911 McLaren Bugatti Chiron Range Rover Ferrari Porsche 911 Porsche 911 Porsche 911
There’s a hole in your car dude.
Ferrari BMW M3 Rolls Royce
1, 2, 3, 4…5, 6?
Carerra GT McLaren E92 M3 M3 and M5
G80 M3
It held its own.

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