A tour of the biggest car show on the east coast

Northern New Jersey is home to some of the most exotic cars in the country, and once each year, they come out to play at a very special Cars and Café event held at the Garden State Plaza mall. Take a walk with me through well over 1,000 cars and 15,000 spectators to see some rare machinery and learn a few tips along the way.

A Ford GT. Barriers marked off certain spots, so I had to either shoot through them or under them.

If you happened to be at the show, you undoubtedly saw me laying on the (surprisingly hot!) ground a lot. This was to give the cars a more aggressive angle. Remember that every day, you see a car from normal standing height. When you get lower (or higher), you change the perspective and magic happens.

I’m not a big Corvette fan, but this shot was to good to miss.

Take advantage of the shots given to you – like the Corvette above. Though not a passion of mine, the shot itself, with its clean background and nicely profiled side, was to good to miss. And the car does look great from that angle.


Sometimes a car just ends up in a great spot for a shot.
Porsche 911 Turbo
Sometimes a car’s best feature is its butt. Try different angles.

Last year’s event had a lot of cloud cover, which led to dramatic shots. Here, bright lighting and a cloudless sky meant no lens flairs. Sometimes clean shots are just as nice.


The rarest of all modern BMW M cars.
Lambo Aventador
Use a faster shutter speed to make a moving car look like it’s standing still.
Lambo Huracan
The sun hit this Lambo at just the right angle to make the paint really pop.
BMW RnineT
I love bikes, but rarely have the chance to shoot them. This BMW RnineT is a beauty.
McLaren Senna
Some cars always have a crowd around them, and making that crowd a part of your shot can make it interesting too.
Jaguar F Type
Changing your angle from a normal standing height…
Jaguar F Type
…to this makes all the difference.
We are all this kid…
That’s a wrap.

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