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How badly do you want car show clout?

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Looks like the pretender doesn’t have what it takes – 64% of you say the real M4 GTS is the one true king. Speaking of kings – hard to top a Ferrari, isn’t it? It’s especially hard to top a Ferrari 458 Spider, with its naturally aspirated V-8.

But I’m going to try, with a car you probably haven’t thought of in a very long time.

The 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider vs the 2006 Spyker C8 Spyder

See the Ferrari 458 listing here

See the Spyker listing here

I’ve told this story before, but can you imagine saving up for half your life to be able to afford a car like this Ferrari 458? Finally, the day comes – you’ve got it in your driveway, congratulations! That first Sunday morning, you head to the local Cars and Umbrellas, or whatever, and park it right in front…next to a car like the Spyker C8.

Your ego: deflated.

The Ferrari is awesome. But I think I saw a Spyker once at the New York Auto Show almost 20 years ago. It’s special. It also sounds like a headache. Let’s see…

The 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider

Oh, the color! Photo: Cars & Bids

First of all – wow. That color, with tan seats? Oh, it’s a Machines With Souls special. There’s no question which of these two is the better driver’s car, even if the Spyker has a manual. And this being Ferrari’s last naturally aspirated V-8…

  • This Ferrari 458 cost $363,550 new, including $102,388 in options. I don’t care, it’s perfect.
  • No mods
  • This is a 4.5-liter V-8, rated at 560 horsepower and 398, with a 9,000 RPM redline.
  • The largest issue is a loose passenger-side window switch
  • 23,000 miles
  • Clean title
  • Bid to $181,000 so far, but the history on these says a ceiling of $200k. Maybe this example will change that, because it’s a good deal.
  • It’s a convertible, which I’m convinced is a much better way to enjoy 9,000 RPMs

Now, if you don’t want a Z06, and you don’t want turbochargers, I can’t think of a better driver’s choice that you make for yourself. To hell with everyone else.

But yea, it’s “just” a 458, and pulling up to see your friends might leave some unimpressed. It won’t draw a crowd.

Do you want to?

2006 Spyker C8 Spyder

I’ve never seen one in person aside from major events. Photo: Cars & Bids

Henrik Fisker, he of BMW Z8 and Karma fame, had a hand in this car’s styling if you couldn’t tell. But what makes it cool isn’t the funky-Swede look, or the average performance, but the details. Look at the inside – it’s like an extra from The Rocketeer.

So Art Deco. Photo: Cars & Bids

How do you fix it? Beats me – Spyker went down more times than…never mind. They’re back again as of 2023. We’ll see. As for this one:

  • 5,500 miles
  • Bid to $194,000 so far
  • The last one sold for nearly $400,000
  • It’s a manual, that’s cool.
  • Power comes from an Audi-sourced 4.2-liter V8, rated at 400 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque.
  • Looks like a Pagani inside, and the only mod is an “Aero Blade” steering wheel, which you want.
  • Gaps in history, but looks like a clean record. For that money, you’d hope to have a full idea of what the car’s been through.
  • Aside from nine-year-old tires, it’s fine cosmetically.
  • Get a cool suitcase with it!

It’s rare to find a car that’ll draw eyeballs and please the connoisseur, but this might be one of them. Yet aside from the manual, it’s essentially a kit car with an Audi motor.

Does that mean it’s not special? Let’s find out…

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