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Talk me out of it: BMW M5 vs M5

It's a BMW M5 vs M5. They might be years apart, but they share mileage, price, and problems. Should I go for the F10 or E39?


The lure of the wagon is powerful. So powerful in fact, that 100% of you voted for me and the Merc together forever. Deal. This week, I’m bringing you a a BMW M5. No wait, I’m bringing you two BMW M5s! Plot twist.

2000 BMW M5 vs 2014 BMW M5


2014 BMW M5 listing (the car has since sold, but see the listing here)

2000 BMW M5 listing

What do these two cars have in common? Right, yes a badge, guess again. Correct, both V-8s. Anything else? Give up?

It’s price! $35,900 for the F10, $34k and change for the E39.

I wasn’t going to play this trick on you, but these two cars share one other thing – a dubious history.

The F10 is better than people think, and the E39 worse. Let’s see which one I should take a chance on.

The 2014 BMW M5


Contestant Number one, if you please:

  • Five owners
  • 84,727 miles
  • An accident on the driver’s side
  • The fact that it’s an F10 with an engine code ending in “63”
  • Lived a life in North Carolina, Manhattan (where it got hit, big shocker that), Texas, Nevada, and Pennsylvania
  • Put up for auction twice, unusual for a car like this
  • Comes with the coveted Competition Package

“Accident” is a scary word that absolutely can mean trouble, or it can mean nothing if the body shop is competent. It has service records, but no way I’m touching it without a PPI.

The 2000 BMW M5


And contestant number two:

  • Five owners
  • 99,228 miles
  • Oddly imported from Finland in 2000. I don’t think this is Grey market since it’s been titled so many times.
  • Lived in Chicago and Minnesota for most of its life, but now it’s here in New Jersey.
  • This car also has an accident in its history, hit a parked car. Again, do a PPI to ensure the bodywork is proper.

For cars like these, it might be best to ensure you bring a paint meter and check the depth of the paint. Repaired panels usually have more paint on them than from the factory. Not a bad thing, but worth checking.

M5 vs M5

F10 M5
The best-looking M5 to date?

The fact that a 23-year-old M5 costs as much as one that’s nine years old with less mileage means you must choose how much “feel” is worth. The F10 is much faster, and some might say it looks better. The E39 comes with a manual transmission and doesn’t breath air through a hose. Both have as many former addresses as your ex in her “wild” phase, and both have the potential to ruin your financial situation just like her too.

The S63 in the F10 is a magnificent engine, and this has the “TU” version so it is improved, but proceed with caution.

As for the E39, the S62 under the hood also loves to eat itself alive. VANOS, like Thanos, can change your world with a single snap. Plastic timing chain guides can give up. And this car in particular – Minnesota. Road salt. Corrosion. 23 years old. Just sayin’.

But I want an M5. I think both cars are easy to love in their own way, but which one is coming home with me tonight?

E39 M5
The sound…

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