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Talk me out of it: BMW CPO edition

Do you want a BMW CPO M car like this M2 and M3? Most are low mileage, and high-priced, but will they give you peace of mind?


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I am shocked, shocked, I tell you. I thought the M6 would run away with the votes, but it seems that interior makes half of you stop in your M tracks, resulting in a 50/50 vote right down the middle. This week, in honor of the BMW CPO article from Friday, let’s take a look at the cream puffs available from a Certified lot.

2021 BMW M3 Competition vs 2020 BMW M2 CS

See the M3’s listing here

See the M2’s listing here

I’ve selected these two to demonstrate what a good value is with BMW CPO, and it’s actually the more expensive of the two.

On the surface, the F87 M2 and G80 M3 don’t really share much. Different engines, door count, etc. Of course, you can’t get an M2 CS anymore, but the G80 is around, so let’s start there.

BMW CPO 2021 G80 M3


If you were to spec this car out today, it would cost you around $90,000 on the sticker. I don’t buy the “over sticker” excuse any more – you can get these cars for at least MSRP, if not less.

This two-year old M3 has a very desirable color, along with classy Silverstone Extended leather and a clean history. But the issue here is the mileage count – almost 27,000. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but all that wear and tear is costing you just $13,000 off the price of a new one with a full warranty and a driver’s seat that has yet to feel the breakage of wind across its bottom.

Frozen Portimao Blue is a $3,500 option on the G80 M3.

Using math from a typical car loan, that’s $250 a month difference, and likely less because you can get them to take a little off the price of a new one, no? So maybe just save up for another year and then go for a new M3.

“But I need a new car now Mike.” Stop – you do not need a new M3. You simply want one. And if it’s a special M car you really want, well…

BMW CPO 2020 F87 M2 CS


Unlike the M3, the M2 CS is no more. I’m sure they’ll be building a new version soon enough, but it’ll be a while, and it won’t be the F87. Yes, the nearly 100k price tag should give you pause, but if you want a CS, I think you should have a Certified one.

Here’s one that sold on Bring a Trailer for $113,000. Though it only had 800 miles and was practically new, our example here isn’t that far off, at around 6,500 miles. But this one has the benefit of the CPO warranty, and comes in nearly $20,000 less than that BaT one. Bonus points for those beautiful gold wheels. The Cars & Coffee crowd will approve.

F87 M2
It might be an expensive M2, but it’s a really good one.

I’m willing to bet this car has some swirl marks and will need a good detailing (do NOT let a dealer wash your car, ever!), but it’s a small price to pay for what could be your dream BMW.

So unless you feel the need for four doors, the M2 is probably a better value (even if it is a $100,000 M2).

Which would you take home?

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