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Talk Me Out Of It: Appreciate the depreciation edition

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Well, well – 75% of you choose rowing your own over the allure of the Turbo. Today, it’s a car with a price tag I simply can’t believe – the BMW M760i, complete with V-12.

The 2017 BMW M760i vs the 2018 BMW Alpina B7

See the 2017 BMW M760i here

See the 2018 Alpina B7 here

Like the meme says, I want problems, always. And I feel like we’re asking for some with these two.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Less than six years ago, both of these cars were inching very close to $200,000 as their MSRP. Now? You can have both, low mileage, for 2/3rds off.

Historically, the 7 Series has always depreciated faster than a Britney Spears song, but this is the V-12 we’re talking about. The last one BMW will make. Like, ever and stuff.

Against it, let’s take the other top spec 7 – the Alpina B7. No V-12, but still just as delicious. For the record, it’s not just these two – any G11, especially pre-LCI, can be had for a steal. I see 740is approaching the low $20s – cheaper than some 5 Series.

LCI versions are more modern, but also about $25k more expensive, so let’s keep it original with these two examples.

The 2017 BMW M760i

The mighty BMW M760i. Photo: Cars & Bids

I’m writing this a bit early in the week, so by the time you read it, this car will be sold. But you can have others just like it for this price.

  • 24,800 miles
  • Sold for $52,500
  • Clean CarFax, no accidents
  • Night vision, a Bowers & Wilkens stereo, Four-corner auto-leveling suspension system, the rear-seat entertainment package…has it all
  • Frozen Dark Brown with Merino leather inside
  • Unmodified – not that you’d want to
  • Some rock chips and scratches that does pain my little detailing heart. But for the price, we can go to J&B.

Because it’s the flagship, the 7 Series has always received the latest and greatest features from BMW. They then filter down to the rest of the lineup, until even the lowly 2 Series Gran Coupe has some of this stuff.

As a result, the G11 (or any older 7 Series), depreciates quickly when the latest generation arrives. Sure, the new 7 is much nicer, much richer (and much more expensive), but it doesn’t have a V-12!

I must caution you. Depreciation doesn’t negate the original six-figure price tag – the M760i will require maintenance in accordance with its status. It isn’t cheap to fix a V-12, or a self-leveling suspension.

Still, what a daily this would make…

The 2018 Alpina B7

The Alpina B7. Photo: CarFax

The B7 didn’t get the V-12, instead opting for the Bi-Turbo V-8 from a 750i. It’s then massaged by Alpina, and I loved it in the B8 I recently drove. You also get the Alpina look and exclusivity.

This particular example has seen things, despite its low mileage count. I love bringing you problem children.

  • $65,995 (That’s way over. Easily get them below 60).
  • 28,087 miles
  • The good news ends there. Five owners – with two selling before driving it at all
  • Lived in Florida, Pennsylvania, and other places
  • Sapphire Black on black Nappa inside – for an Alpina, not a good combo
  • Was in a front-end collision. Fixed, but check that paint
  • 19-inch wheels, not the 20s

On the surface, this screams “way more money” for “way less car” than the M760i. But here’s one in stunning Alpina Green Metallic that sold for $50k. Shop around, and you’ll find a desirable example if this one doesn’t do it for you.

Since this has had multiple owners, it can’t be certified by BMW, but the fact that a dealer is selling it means you can add a warranty. I probably would.

I feel the sudden urge to drive one of these every day…

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