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BMW 335d Wagon

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The 700 lb-ft of torque BMW 3 Series Wagon

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When Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC invited me to shoot a BMW 3 Series Touring Wagon a few weeks back, I assumed it was because he knows I have a thing for blue BMWs.

That was only part of it.

Larry had his friend Brian up from the Carolinas, and he brought with him a custom 700 lb-ft of torque, diesel-powered, 6-speed manual E91 wagon. What makes it so special?

  • The only available way to outfit an E91 in the US was with the N52 inline-6 engine.
  • You could get a diesel-powered sedan, but not a wagon.
  • You could not get a manual diesel BMW 3 Series here at all.

Let’s take a tour!

Shooting in the garage

Larry had just detailed the car, and the Montego Blue shade it’s painted is one of my favorites on the E9X platform. Inside, the car features custom leather, unique 335d kick plates that light up and a few M goodies like an M3 steering wheel.

BMW 335d Touring Wagon
The car was freshly prepped with AMMO paint products.

Thanks in part to FCP Euro, the car looked OEM. Just the wheels and large exhaust give away the surprise inside. On startup, it’s loud…very loud. And the unmistakable diesel clatter gives this family car an even cooler aura.

3 Series Touring Wagon
The large exhaust gives a beefy look.
3 Series Touring Wagon
I loved all the details Brian put into the car, and it reminded me of my old E92 M3.
3 Series Touring Wagon
Brian has an interior shop, and the custom leather was beautiful. I’m always a blue/brown guy.
3 Series Touring Wagon
Larry’s garage is a natural soft box. A lowered stance gives the car an aggressive look.
3 Series Touring Wagon
Montego Blue for the win.

Let’s shoot some rollers with the 3 Series Touring Wagon

Though I only had a short time with the car, an early morning arrival meant that I’d have perfect lighting for some rolling shots. I’ve gone over how to shoot these before, but let’s review some tips here.

  • Set your camera focus mode to AFC – continuous focus, because your subject is in constant motion.
  • Be mindful of your ISO. These were shot at ISO 64, but crank it up BEFORE raising your shutter speed so you can maintain a quick trigger.
  • Shot at f/4. Don’t go lower, or the back half of the car will fall out of focus.
  • Consider your speed. 50-60mph is a good place to be.

You’ll notice these are at an angle, and that’s intentional. Slanting your composition can make it feel more aggressive, as if the car is on a banked track. Also, consider your camera car. A taller one, like an SUV, will give a better view.

3 Series Touring Wagon
Clean reflections and a sharp car are what make a roller special.
3 Series Touring Wagon
I should have had the camera car move father away here.
3 Series Touring Wagon
Fall is the best time to do these kinds of shots.

Special thanks to AMMO NYC for making the garage available. Also thanks to Brian the owner.

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