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AMMO Paint Regimen Review

Read the AMMO Paint Regimen review to see how easy it is to apply, and learn how to apply the kit on your own car.

Aston Martin Vanquish

This is my own AMMO Paint Regimen Review, and in no way endorsed by anyone. While the images here depict REFLEX, the newly available REFLEX PRO works the same way. It’s simply a better version.

One thing I really enjoy doing is making my cars look amazing. I’ve been detailing since I was 15, and my routine has changed quite a bit over the years. I’ve tried it all, but when Larry Kosilla came out with AMMO, his passion and knowledge convinced me to give AMMO products a try. That was 6 years ago, and I’ve used it on every BMW I’ve owned since. Here’s a DIY and review of the AMMO Paint Regimen.

Grab a bucket and let’s get to it!

AMMO paint regimen
The products have been updated from this initial review, but how to apply still holds true.

Things you will need:

  • 3 wash buckets
  • Microfiber towels (at least 10, more like 15-20, use clean ones often!)
  • Dish soap or other stripping soap
  • Wash mit
  • Wheel spoke brush and wheel soap
  • Gloves to protect your hands from chemicals
  • Applicator pads (4-5)
  • Air compressor (optional)
  • Music!


2-3 hours for the entire process, minus cure time. This assumes the paint needs no correction or claying.

AMMO Paint Regimen preparation

Ideally you’ll want to do this on a day that is not freezing. I’d say that 50 degrees the limit; otherwise all products become harder to apply. Also, make sure the car is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight. Doing this in a garage would be best.

AMMO also has FOAM, a specialized car soap, and HYDRATE, a paint drying aid. I love them both, but for this review, we won’t need them.

Step 1

BMW 328i
My 328, dirty from winter salt.

Wash your car.

REFLEX PRO needs a clean, bare surface to adhere to the clear coat, so use dish washing soap to strip away any previous waxes and sealants on the car. You do not need to clay the car unless you think it needs it.

How can you tell if it does? Run your hand along the surface of your paint after your wash. If it feels grippy or bumpy, you should clay your car. Same goes for polishing and compounding. Only do it if you need it.

BMW 328i wash
Getting it clean!

Step 2

Dry your car with the air compressor. If you don’t have one, use microfiber towels. Don’t use HYDRATE, or any other drying aid, to dry the car, as that will add a coating that might prevent REFLEX from adhering.

Take your time here – no water can be left on the car in order for REFLEX PRO to properly cure on the paint.

328i wet
You’ll know previous treatments are gone when water no longer beads off.
BMW 328i dry
All dry and bare, ready for REFLEX PRO.

Step 3

Grab REFLEX PRO and an applicator pad. Run the bottle along the pad (I like an X pattern) and then fold the pad in half to spread. Using straight lines only, apply it a section at a time. It was really easy to apply this, almost like an oil.

It took about 25 minutes to do my entire F30 3 Series. Always work top to bottom for every process here, and never apply in circles.

AMMO reflex application

Step 4

Once REFLEX PRO hazes over and forms a rainbow, remove it with clean microfiber towels. It should come off pretty easily. If you miss a spot and let it dry too long, apply a bit more REFLEX over that section, and then remove it. DO NOT use any spray wax. No water or spray can be introduced here or it won’t cure correctly.

When removing, be gentle. Move in one direction and apply more force gradually until the product is gone.

This is after the first coat has been applied and cured.

Step 5

Let the car sit for two hours to cure.

You can go back and apply another coat, but it’s optional. Though hard to tell from the pictures, it does look amazing in person. If you have the time, do this coat. If not, you can get away with one. Let the car sit over night to let REFLEX PRO properly cure.

Step 6

Time for SKIN. Using a clean butterflied applicator pad, coat one section at a time, then buff off with microfiber towels. SKIN is sticky, and will take some elbow grease to remove. Here, you can use SPIT to help remove stubborn areas. Remember to avoid getting SKIN in cracks or crevasses in the car, as it’ll look sloppy. Take your time, and tape off sections if you have to. SKIN takes me about 30 minutes to apply and remove.

This is meant more for protection of underlying layers than cosmetics, so it’s necessary medicine.

ammo ski applied
AMMO SKIN applied.

Step 7

CRÈME time. This is basically Carnuba wax. It’s not hard to apply, and should only take about 15 minutes to do the entire car. Again, use SPIT to aid in harder to remove spots.

Leave CRÈME inside a warmer area so that it’s easier to get out of the can. If it’s really solid, you can rub some between your fingers to liquefy it.

Step 7A

If you can’t get a hold of CRÈME (it’s currently unavailable), we can also use REBOOT. It’s essentially REFLEX in a spray bottle. That’s an oversimplification, but it will help provide an additional layer of protection for the paint, and add even more depth to the color.

Step 8

Grab SPIT. Turn the lights off and grab a flashlight. This will force you to focus on one section of the car at a time, looking for any spots you may have missed along the way. Have SPIT handy to wipe missed areas.

Step 9

Pull the car out into the light, sit back and enjoy!

The entire process, minus the curing time, should take 2-3 hours.

BMW 328i
My 328i fully coated and finished.

Follow up

REFLEX PRO should go on once a year. SKIN, every 3 months, and CRÈME/REBOOT, every time you want to be fancy. Doing it this way means that any time you do a normal wash, it’ll only take about an hour from start to finish.

AMMO encourages you to use most products often, unlike other coatings that promise up to 5 years of protection. That is simply a lie: no coating lasts that long. Other coating can also be dangerous to breathe in. It’s best to wear a mask when working on any car, but Larry has made AMMO as safe as possible for people to work with.

Let’s do a Q&A.

I’ve never cleaned my car before

If you’ve never really detailed your car before, there is no reason to be intimidated by trying out AMMO’s stuff. It’s very easy to apply. If you do not want to do it on your own, but like how my car looks, make sure your detailer uses it.

I have my own routine and products

Use what you like and use it often.

Mike, this isn’t complete?

This is not a detailing DIY. For answers to all questions, I’d direct you to AMMO’s website and watch Larry explain all his tricks. No matter what you use to clean and shine, his tips have really helped.

Do I need to do everything here?

You can skip CRÈME and/or REBOOT if you don’t think it’s needed. I do enjoy putting everything on the car at once. It’s a kind of ULTIMATE SHINE, in all caps.

Can it go over a clear bra?

AMMO can go over any clear bra.

What’s the difference between REFLEX PRO and other coatings?

REFLEX can go over other coatings, but it will lose its flexible properties, and that’s why it’s called REFLEX – flexibility. Your car’s paint will contract and expand with heat, and while other coatings form a rigid skin over the clear coat, REFLEX maintains the paint’s flexibility.

Frozen paint?

No. Stick with BMWs own line of products in this case.

Are Larry’s products safe?

Car cleaning products are made from (gasp!) chemicals, so always use gloves to apply anything. That said, Larry takes much better care than BIG CLEAN companies to ensure that his products are safer for both you and the environment. It’s yet another reason to support the company.

So, do you recommend it?

Overall, I’d recommend the AMMO Paint Regimen for the depth it brings to the paint, and its ease of use. REFLEX doesn’t so much as bead water as sheet it off, a much better result (why would you want water to sit on the car?)

I can’t tell you that AMMO will make your car more shiny than another product – if your paint is in good shape, wax will make your car look great. So will Si02 products. This is more about protection AND shine.

While the price point is higher than something like Adam’s, nothing is as clear cut or safe to use. Most importantly, nothing works as well.

Cars treated with REFLEX PRO

Aston Martin Vantage
Aston Martin Vantage in AMMO REFLEX
BMW 335i
My own 335i coated in AMMO REFLEX
Porsche 911
Porsche 911 in AMMO REFLEX
Saleen S7
Saleen S7 in AMMO REFLEX


Glickenhouse BOOT
Glickenhouse BOOT with AMMO REFLEX

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I use Nikon camera bodies and lenses, a Westcott Ice Light 2, Manfrotto tripod, B + W filters and an iMac Pro to make the art you see here.

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