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The BMW M5 Wagon is your last chance for a lot of things

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Are you excited about the BMW M5 wagon?! Wow! One reader sure is.

I’m skeptical.

Also, someone asks about New York’s congestion tax. Sad times, indeed.

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Mike, you gotta be thrilled that BMW is finally bringing back a wagon here! (It’s not official – Mike) Do you think that means BMW will bring more wagons over, maybe even the M3?

– Jill


Jill, on the surface, an M5 wagon is a great thing. My heart will be filled with joy to see one here. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

A BMW M5 wagon is going to be very expensive

BMW M5 wagon
Bring money. Photo: BMW

Traditionally, BMW wagons cost slightly more than their sedan counterparts. Makes sense, you’re getting more car. But how much will it cost you?

Right now, a fully loaded X5 M is $142,000. That’s a conventionally-powered model. An XM, which has the hybrid running gear the M5 will be based on, is approaching $170k. This is quickly getting to a level never before seen. I can’t imagine an M5 wagon being much less than that.

The problem with M cars remains – they are based on their mainstream counterparts. A new 5 Series looks great at $60,000. What happens when you add $100,000 to the price? Not nearly enough, I’m afriad.

It’s on you now

“Oh, we want a wagon!” – no you don’t. You like the idea of a wagon. Regardless of how much it costs, if enthusiasts don’t actually order one, they won’t bring another.

And no, Jill, I doubt an M3 wagon is coming for this G generation. Perhaps the next one will have one, depending upon how the M5 is received.

The Audi RS6 is just as capable and beautiful – that’s not sold well at all. Ditto Merc’s E63 AMG.

Do you even want a new BMW M5 wagon?

BMW M5 wagon
Let’s stop pretending these things will haul more than an X5, shall we? Photo: BMW

BMW manuals are dead. BMW engines are following shortly. This will most likely be it for the ICE-powered M car.

But this will be heavy, I’m sure close to 5,000 pounds. 738 horses sounds fun, but will it be like driving an X5 M? That’s not nearly as fun as driving an M3.

This is all speculation. I suppose we’ll see how it does when I finally get a chance to drive one.


Mike, I saw your IG story shooting an E46 M3 in Manhattan. As someone that lives in New Jersey, I’m sure you’re not happy about the proposed congestion tax. Is there anything we can do to prevent giving New York even more money?

– Scott



Scott, this won’t ever be a political platform. However, cars need roads to drive on. And when it comes to a congestion tax, no, it’s not very good.

For those that don’t live in the Northeast, New York City is proposing a “congestion” toll that will cost you around $23 each time you enter mid-town or below. The money will go to fund New York’s MTA, which are its subways and buses. This is in addition to the bridge or tunnel you must pay for, currently at around $18. Add in the gas it costs to get there, and we’re well over $50 before even parking the car.

As someone that used to commute to the city daily, I sympathize with the people that have no way around this. As it concerns cars, my main question is about pollution. New York has stated that they will ban the sale of gasoline-powered cars by 2035 (another dubious claim, I digress), so does that mean the “congestion” tax will go away once cars are no longer the main cause of pollution?

What about trucks? Taxis? They won’t eat the cost – they will pass it onto you for each ride you take, or each item you buy. You can’t escape it, even if you don’t drive in.

Finally, isn’t it also odd that public transportation doesn’t pay for itself? They always need funding from tolls. What happens as the system becomes even more taxed when more people ride because they can’t afford to drive?

Other cities will adopt this too, and before long, you won’t be able to drive on roads you’ve already paid for without paying for them again, and again.

The title of my book is true, New York really does hate cars. But for now, we can still enjoy a morning romp through untaxed. Enjoy it while you can Scott.

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