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Tracking your new BMW

No doubt you’re a person of discerning taste (since you’re reading this blog). And that means you might be particular about what your new BMW might look like. Taking one off the lot and settling isn’t an option for you, so you’ve decided to order one. But how does it all happen? I’ll show you.… Read More »

How I specced my X3 M40I

Given the current state of affairs, it’s no surprise that my M3 has been delayed almost six months. In the meantime, I’ve had my X3 30i to perform daily driving duties. It’s served me well, but it hasn’t exactly encouraged taking the long way home. I’m about to change that with my new X3 M40i.… Read More »

Dad life: The BMW X3 xDrive30i vs the X4 M40i

Like many things in life, being a dad comes with stereotypes. How we dress, what we say, and yup, what we drive. But when it comes to driving, BMW has an answer in the form of the X3 and X4. With the option of that “M lite” power train, I decided to gather my own… Read More »