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Top 5 tips for shooting a classic car

Each car has a soul – you know my credo by now. When it comes to classic cars, the added years and history can make for an even more compelling image, but is shooting an old car any different from shooting a modern one? Hint: yes! Here’s my top 5 tips for shooting a classic… Read More »

Light painting a car without a light

I recently posted some tips on how to shoot your car with an iPhone. Let’s continue the theme this week with light painting a car, using no Ice Lights or strobes. What you’ll need for light painting a car: A camera A tripod Sunlight Adobe Photoshop On Location – set up So you’ve picked a… Read More »

Retouching the BMW G80 M3

I did a write up on the all-new BMW G80 M3 after seeing it in person, which you can read here. The all-new BMW G80 M3 and G82 M4 are revealed today, and the front end is..polarizing! But if you’ve ever followed the launch of a car closely, you’ll see a ton of renders based… Read More »

Automotive Retouching School, Part 2

This week, I’ll show you how I’ve finished retouching a banner image that’s currently running on featuring an M850i. To view part 1, click here. Step 4: Retouching shadow The original background image on this M850i shot comes from BMW, so keep in mind that this isn’t entirely real like some other compositions I’ve… Read More »

Automotive Retouching School, Part 1

I’ve shown you retouching a scene from scratch, using one of your own shots of a car as a good base. But, what if you only have a shot of the car on white, from a studio environment? That means no foreground, no reflections and no lighting source. No matter what you do, it’ll look… Read More »